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  1. Seen lots of posts on the forum on this subject. Me and my grandson are going to do my van during the school holidays.

    I would appreciate advice on which pads to go for and where to fit them please.

    Are they self adhesive as I don't fancy spraying glue.
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    I went with Silent coat on all of the doors, the wheel arches, behind the firewall, on the roof and on the front panel.
    As per their instructions you don't need to cover the whole panel to get sound deadening benefit, just 25-40%.
    It comes with a peel away backing ready to stick on.
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  5. As stated above you don't need to cover the whole panel, just a proportion in the middle to dampen out vibrations.
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  6. Could I do the cab floor as well?

    Mines all nice and painted but bit spartan, amuses my grandson. Also any ideas on cab carpet, would like pre cut underlay and a simple preshaped RHD carpet piece. As you would imagine, with a metal cab floor there is a fair bit of noise. Nice and easy to wipe clean though.
  7. Pyrosorb
  8. Madmatz for carpets
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  9. I am also going to need a roof liner for the middle and rear areas of my tin top, the cab has a nice tilt sunroof. Nothing fancy or difficult to do, the birch ply seems a good option, what do you think? and as its bare painted metal at the moment, would be a good time to do sound insulation, so would it be best to cover the whole roof with insulation pads, they seem pretty cheap.
  10. I used the silent coat too and then adhesive backed closed cell foam. I’ve only driven the van once so far but was amazed how quiet it is!

    Have a look at my build thread as I’ve got a few photos there.
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  11. Use pyrosorb it’s used in the ventilation industry for deadening sound and they make silencers from it too . We used to use it in music studios a lot . You can buy the sticky backed variety or just sheets and fix yourself .Its good stuff .
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