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    Looking at that bar, the back of that has been cut down to clear an exhaust header. The bent sheet metal should have "fins" going down the rear of the bar.. where you can see the ground back welds. So it sits with a cutout for the bar then welds front and back ..
    Like this from above..

    Screenshot_20240212_125438_Samsung Notes.jpg

    As you can see with a 4 into 1 header, not much room.

    By the way, mine reads about 580-590mm from right hand end to centre boss under the oil pump..

    This shows the type 1 rear engine bar mounts that go in there too.
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  2. Yeah it's definitely been butchered for exhaust clearance but was also short on the right hand side, not sure why but anyway am going to have fabricate it slightly to fit
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  3. I’m pretty sure those are type four hangers Mike

    These are the ones off my van originally fitted with a type one engine.
  4. This is my type one engine bar
    I make it approx 58 cm from the centre of the offset hole to the edge of the bar with a total length of approximately 120cm

    IMG_0415.jpeg IMG_0417.jpeg
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  5. Perfect that confirms 30mm has been chopped from mine.

    Head scratching is over.

    Thanks :)
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  6. Where’s the pic and measurements of yours?
    If 30 mm has been chopped off one end you will only have one bolt hole one end and two on the other end?
    Unless 15 mm has been chopped off each end.
  7. Ps if your engine case was originally a bug case it won’t have the correct mounting holes and will need an adapter
  8. I have no idea where the bar came from, as mentioned if a bug then would answer the question.

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  9. CONCLUSION: The bar is right o_O its the hangers as per Paradox but it doesn't matter as the bar is being fabricated to suit the other hanger style. Was starting to wonder........:cheers:.

    Awaiting bar and bits for delivery and she could potentially move on her own this space.
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    My bus has the late engine bay layout, with solid rear valance.
    The hangers that I photographed under my bus this lunch time are what has always supported that same bar and a Type 1 engine, it was registered as a 1600. I blame October 1973.
  11. Mines a 78

    I’ve only ever seen those hangers on buses with type four engines and have been told they won’t work with the type one engine bar
    Yet there they are doing exactly that on your bus.
    I’m curious to know if the bars been modified at all.
  12. Bugs dont have a hanger bar as far as I’m aware they just hang off the gearbox

    It’s the engine cases that are different between a bus and bug with the bus case being ready to accept the engine bar
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    I have looked at pictures of various parts on sale online.
    The rubber rear engine mount on mine is the same as sold for that T1 bar. Coolair 211199231C, so the hole spacing is standard.
    My hanger bracket is same as CoolAir 211199351A
    I can see that your hanger bracket in two pieces will work - it may make it easier to slide the engine in with the mounting bar already fitted, by removing the rear hanger bracket and keeping the rear engine mount bolted to the mounting bar.
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  14. Strange thing is Barry dean has the same bar and hangers as you but it all doesn’t fit together

    Yet there’s your bus and it all fits together
    I’m trying to puzzle out why as I’ve always been told type four hangers won’t fit with a type one bar.

    I like a parts puzzle and everyday is a school day.
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    You are mistaken, type-4 hangers are different again. Funny - I've never noticed the later type-1 hangers like you have, just ones like Mike's.
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  16. Puzzle solved:thumbsup:

    Now I wonder what was vws reason for changing them
    Cost saving or improved design :thinking:

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