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  1. 20240210_180903.jpg 20240210_165523.jpg 20240210_162522.jpg So engine finally completed and tested.
    Engine dropped in no problem at all.

    Went to mount the engine support bar and is off by a mile, but the thing is if you measure from the enter it is different, not central is this the case? (pic attached)

    Its a 1973 Californian import originally had a type 4 fitted (apparently) so now a rebuilt type 1.

    No way this bar fits this Bus?

    I have been informed some people run them with out a bar? Thoughts? But I would rather fit one but this is not going to fit without fabrication just wondering what the problem?
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  2. That looks like the bar from a later Bay. You'd need the earlier "moustache" bar. Don't run without one.
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  3. Yeah they there for a reason for sure so defo need one that fits.

  4. All kinds of variables here, thinking about it. What engine code does your type 1 have? Have you got the transmission hanger that supports the gearbox? How does it "not fit"? Have you got the semicircular rubber engine mounts on either side of the backbar?
  5. This is the set up I have for this Bus (photo) but its just the Bar is wrong, not sure if it has been messed with and is not same equal. Don't think I need a mustache as this is a different set up totally with different hangers.

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  6. The smaller hole is offset to the right (your bar in the pic is flipped).

    Mounting holes in AD/AS engine case for later backbar:

    backbar holes.jpg
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  7. Is the support bar for the type four engine?
  8. backbar 2.jpg
  9. I can modify this bar to suit but was just scratching my head why it

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  10. This would be the view from be back of the bus

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  11. Measurements don't match up with what I've got (see above).
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  12. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    If the hangers on the chassis are the ones from your previous type-4 engine you need different ones for a type-1.
  13. Have turned the bar around now so you can see as if it was going to be fit, thing is this engine as no Letter Code just a number, and the bar is off something else.
    Everything else lines up just fine but this bar is off.

    Do you have the actual specs of Late Bay T2 support bar?

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  14. Hole dimensions are as in pic above.
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  15. My bar must be off something else then as is 1190mm length.

  16. Total Width of a T2 is 1720mm so the bar could not be 1750mm?
  17. 175mm ;)

    The dimensions are just for the hole positions.
  18. What it the total length of the bar measurements from center is the info i need. Got some one going to measure tomorrow on another bus/bar.

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  19. Too dark to go out and measure mine!
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  20. Yeah, will be cool thanks, the bars been butchered for sure. Will sort it.

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