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  1. Sorry I know it’s another T25 but I seem to be doing more of these this year, this is the 4th!
    We put a card on this rather cheekily when we were dropping a previous one back at a customers earlier in the year and a few months later the owner gave us a call and booked it in for a resto.
    First thing I said was the gutters are obviously rotten so the hightop had to come off.
    Set about removing the interior an the culprit became obvious, expanding foam!
    It didn’t take to much to saw through the foam and seam sealer, then chop the strengthening hoops and lift the top off.[​IMG]
    Then the full horror story is revealed.
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  2. It still looks prettier than with the high top on !
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  3. Had exactly the same when I lifted the lid on my crossdresser...! Bog, fibreglass, carpet, plastic bags, expanding foam and what looked like an awful lot of hair...
    Are they wanting to reinstate the hitop?
  4. Take a deep breath and break out the angle grinder, [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    You get the picture, after a few hours several cutting discs and a brew, things start to look a bit more salvageable.
    New gutter sections are available from Schofields, plus some extra steel and get welding.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  5. my god thats rough :eek:
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  6. The area above the near side screen pillar is the worst[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    That’s where I’m up to this morning, time for some lunch I think
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  7. jivedubbin

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    What a mess it looks like a terdactile flew over it
  8. Yes the hightop is going back on, I wouldn’t have taken it on if it had to look perfect as well, it would’ve taken too long. Only thing you’ll see at the end is the gutters, as long as the rest is solid water tight , treated and painted it’ll be good for several years!
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  9. what are the rear suspension arms and sill like as the surrounding wheel arches look a bit crusty, presumably the water got in above and down to the bottom where they usually rust. pleased you put this up, my son has a 1980 high top T25 and one of the rust areas we see is the wide gutters and the cab roof lining is rust stained. Looking at your pics, I think I know what is under the high top.
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  10. Well it passed its Mot at the end of October, the lower outer bits are the usual crusty but it’s not as bad down there as the last one I did!
    I’m doing whatever it needs, steps, arches , rear lower corners etc but it’s solid underneath. The only hole in the window surrounds is this one[​IMG]
    and usual screen bottom corner[​IMG]
    I’m convinced the expanding foam used all round the inside of the hightop had absorbed moisture and probably chemically reacted with the paint accelerating the rust in that area.
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  11. Cracking job

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  12. Wow, thats possibly the worst roof rot i've seen on a T3. :eek:
  13. Bit more this afternoon,
    Enough for today I think.
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  14. Don’t think I’ll worry about the rust on mine anymore......

    Fair play to you.
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  15. Great work, how long in total has it taken / will it take?
  16. That’ll teach ya fa dropping card on a crying rust heap :D fair play to you fa getting down fixing it :thumbsup: hope he’s got deep pockets !
  17. A old friend of mine had a late bay with the plastic high roof but some one when fitting it filled in the rear gutter drain holes causing rusting gutters and water ingress inside the panels, on removing top it was gone right down to swath line. Cost him over £30,000 to restore and when he sold it 3 years ago could only get £12,500 for it.
  18. Surely the cost of all the work far outweighs what the van is worth?
  19. I’ve had it in for two weeks so far and he’ll get it back before that holiday season at the end of December
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  20. We talked about it and it’s a case of better the devil you know, he’s had it a long time and intends keeping it for the foreseeable!
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