Some Devon conversion facts..

Discussion in 'Camper Conversions' started by Poptop2, Mar 25, 2014.

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    Sadly I didn't.

    I don't mind them copying it tbh. It is a kind of flattery. :thumbsup:
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    Dean - Buttler's van is well prominent in the home page. :thinking:
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  3. look like its the only van !
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    It's that naughty Dean Buttler isn't it. He never even thanked me. ;)
  5. Mine is supposed to be a Devon but has a side window like a 'Westie', not split into 2 vertically like the Devon pictures I have seen.

    Is this a genuine Devon window?
  6. a Holdraker, or Moonsworth....take your pick
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    Wrong reply to the wrong person soz
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  8. I have a caravan vw devon roof of the 4/1971 in Portugal, i really like it.
    i bought in March 2013.
    I painted in two colors.
    It has two double beds
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  9. 79 Moonraker with original stickers. Still doesn't leak.
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  10. [​IMG] I will put this here also, @Lord Congi i emailed Davis Eccles (the person who wrote your book)he's also the editor of this mag, might find out how many are left !
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    I enjoyed reading back through this thread.
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    I hope it's all your own work Malc :p
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    I only stole the pictures before. Nothing else. :(
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  14. Hi
    I hope its ok to ask a question on this chat.
    My 72 Devon has had a taped up hole on the roof since I have owned it, what is supposed to be there is a mushroom style air vent which works with the interior fan. trouble is all the one I can see on line are too big, as this hole is only 20mm from the start of the pop top. The attached images are what I reckon is supposed to be there. Also does anyone know where I can get a round Devon dash devon-seals.jpg 1.jpg sticker from. Cheers Andy
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    I don’t know the answer. Sorry
  16. Id guess the mushroom is an aftermarket item or 'rare' original extra.

    There are loads of devon roof threads on here, have a search and see if you can find some more pics.

    Justkampers/vw heritage may sell some repro sticker packs, but don't know if they do a devon dash one
  17. Would seem that all replacements need a bigger hole so , if you can’t find an original perhaps you can make a substitute out of a piece of white down pipe or something or just find a plastic cap off a coffee tin and use some silkaflex till you do ,sorry can’t be more helpful ,if it’s original opening and roof then I’m sure there must have been something that fitted without fouling the roof I would think .good luck with the hunt . Just campers do do one ,as do poptop parts but they indicate making hole larger which I can see would not be an option in your case . You could fit a square vent in roof but sometimes that can bring a whole new can of worms . Stickers as said.
  18. Thanks guys. I will check out the other Devon threads.
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    Four years left
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  20. That extractor fan add on looks like it was expensive : in 1971 it was £21 when a poptop complete was £130...
    Mentioned on P306 of "Volkswagen Camper Six Decades of Success by Richard Copping"

    You could long term weld a patch on there cut from a roof with rotted out edges for example.

    Or just cut a bigger hole and fit a bigger fan. I expect one of the reason for its removal is that angled like that, I expect rain tended to bounce into the fan..
    It was originally reversible to suck or blow at two speeds.

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