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  1. I'm looking to acquire a RHD tin top in good condition although I don't mind some bodywork but preferably with a solid chassis and working engine.

    I daresay this is a big ask and unlikely to bear fruit. If you know anyone wanting to sell one or see one for sale, let me know.

    Btw I'm not gonna pay the earth but any decent price will be considered for the right bus. :)

    Thanks in advance
  2. rickyrooo1

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    i just opened a can of beans, it was one of those pull ring types, is that any good? if not i'm putting in the blue bin
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  3. Lol. Always one. ;)
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  4. Terrordales

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    there can be only one.gif
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  5. kev


    Its allways the same one thou :)
  6. What year are you looking for and what engine size ? A window bus or van .
  7. With windows, I reckon, any engine size I guess, though I'd probably lean towards a 1600. Year wise I am not too bothered either, there's good and bad from all years. Tax free would be a bonus. Even an Early would be considered :)
  8. Got a 78 window bus 2.0L white with cream roof good body last owner spent loads on it . Also got a complette dormobile interior inc front seats budy seats cooker r&r bed etc to fit it out . Thinking of selling if i can get the right money for it.
  9. Any pics of it ?
  10. Do you have a Budget?

  11. upload_2014-7-21_20-2-33.jpeg
  12. Of sorts - I won't be able to go above £10k
  13. If theres any up this end you want looking over give us a shout dude
  14. bernjb56

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    I'd be tempted to have a trip to Chippenham ....
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  15. How soon do you need it?
    I have a 72 1700 cross dresser, ex school minibus but won't be here for 6 weeks.
    RHD South African with 67000 on the clock!
    Deluxe model with 5 x opening quarter lights, reversible seats, original AM radio, clock, spare wheel cover and toolkit.
    In better condition than Ted!
    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  16. This is son in law starting on the drive to Durban with my daughter.

  17. I'm in no rush, for the right bus... That looks good and I do like the low light front - would be different to my other bus :)

    I am tempted! Working out the actual finances at the mo - that's at the top of my budget and there's still things to do on it, but I like the idea of it being just restored and a blank canvas...
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  18. I have to say I'd agree with @bernjb56 that looks a cracking bus for the money.
  19. Coincidently my work colleague was showing me a silver/black cross over for £10.5k on his local Norfolk facebook group. If you are interested give me your number and I'll get a mesage to him.

    The bus looks good.
  20. Cheers fella, looks like that's gonna be outside my budget. Been doing the calculations. Might have to limit myself to £9k

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