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  1. I`ve been asked to make enquiries on behalf of a mate .
    Looking for a SOLID , UNWELDED , UNMOLESTED van .
    * LHD or imported isn`t a problem but all paperwork must be in order .
    * Tintop or elevating roof - either but doesn`t need anything in the back - interior or engine as he`s planning a Scooby transplant and to build his own interior . The least inside the better to be honest !

    He`s very capable of carrying out a restoration but is insistant - a good solid and straight van is the only thing he`d be looking for and doesn`t mind travelling for the right van .

    Anybody with a van for sale that fits the bill ??

    Thanks in advance ...

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  2. What’s his budget?

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  3. davidoft

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  4. Sorry forgot to say , he reckons with no interior or engine - 6k max for a good rolling shell .

    Sorry but too complete - and tidy - and twice what`s on the table ...

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  6. Don't let him on here,:gnome:

    with the heart ripped out ..and a non standard interior...:eek:

    And no welding...:rolleyes:
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  7. No worry Chris :)
  8. Pmd ya

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  9. @Lasty
    Can you ask your mate when he find’s one can he let us know! Please.
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  10. Oy @davidoft transits are the future you know it!
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  11. Graham at FBI in Swansea has a 74 pop top westy, looked at it at busfest and its very solid and straight.
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  12. Solid, Unwelded, Unmolested ??? does such a van exist after 40 + years of use. Nothing wrong with a welded vehicle, better to have new metal than a load of hidden rot.

    With that low budget, I would seek out an uncompleted restoration, I have seen one or two on ebay.

    From what I have seem those so called rust free imports are often far from rust free.
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  13. :thumbsup:
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  14. He`s just sold a splitty - has yet to be introduced to the delights of TLB and its esteemed membership ...

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  15. He may be shocked...
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  16. Poptop2

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    I have a bay that is in need of some work, but not much. It has no interior, the Devon roof is missing and it has no engine. However there is very little welding needed and is pretty solid. Looking for about £2200.

    I do have the windscreen and lots of bits.



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  17. Looks like a contender...:thinking:
  18. Did you ever get him a bus @Lasty I’ve readvertised mine

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