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  1. Hi, I wonder if some one could help ? I have taken off the carb, cleaned and serviced it, set it up as per manual, but I couldn’t get it to run properly, until I undid the brass jet to the right of the carb just under the electronic choke housing, when I unscrew it half a turn the engine runs like a dream, when I close it shut I get nothing ? It was tightly shut prior to me servicing it, and in the manuals it pays no reference to adjusting it ? When I do unscrew it, it runs really well but the screw/jet is loose and subject to rattling around with the engine vibration... should this have a washer on it ? Or rubber 0 ring to keep it in position... any comments would be appreciated.
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    It's not adjustable. It is the idle jet and should be nipped up and left alone. Might be worth taking it out again and blowing it through though, as it could be blocked.
  3. Have you looked at this ??

    It`s pretty simple to follow ...

    The volume and idle screws are the adjustments , the idle JET just screws tightly into the other side ...

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  4. I totally get that but if I have set the carb up as per manual it won’t run until I open this screw half a turn and then I runs like a dream !!!?????
  5. @The Legacy Van i think you can find a lot of answers in the Bentley Manual Maybe able to download in on hear? you can buy a service kit for the carb as well that included new jets and rubbers have look at the normal retailers Heritage so on.:)
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  6. Hi thanks for the comments, re my post I have serviced the carb with new jets flanges etc but cannot get past this element that I need to open the jet below the electronic choke in order for it to run ???
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    Put some photos up showing what you’ve done and what you’re adjusting to make it run.
    As other have said, if it’s the idle jet it should be just nipped up. Maybe it’s blocked.
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  8. I’ll throw in something here which might be entirely wrong but on my twin Solexes the venturi tube is held in with a screw. Could it be this that you’ve loosened?
  9. This is quite common. I had the same, the jet was cleaned and cleaned and cleaned again - it seemed fine. In the end I swapped the jet for another and bingo. No idea what was wrong but my guess is it was sucking in air somewhere and loosening the jet allowed more fuel into that mix. I didn't pay any further attention after the jet change cured it.
  10. I’ve had this problem with the idle jet since I bought my bus. Obviously making sure it’s clean and you’ve blown through all the holes , particularly the end one. Put blue loctite on the thread, tighten and wind back about a small amount and leave it.

    I read this somewhere years ago

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