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  1. I've decided that with a young family, a pop top would suit me better, so regretfully I'm going to have to put my 1972 deluxe microbus on the market.
    I only really use it for driving to the odd festival, and as you can see it lives under a purpose built car port in my garden, on a concrete base, so it's in very good condition.
    The interior has been re-upholstered by G.E.M upholstery in Essex, and is in excellent condition. The rear seat is on Z hinges, but I don't ever sleep on it. It's a 7 seater, with the seats covered in cream vinyl trimmed with green to match the paint work, and cream door cards with new mdf all round.
    The paint is mostly original in elm green, with the odd touch up here and there. Any nasty rust spots have been quickly dealt with.
    I imported it myself from the USA about 8 years ago, and had it mildly lowered, and the trim line under the bay window welded and painted to a high standard.
    It has a strong 1.8 engine which has been looked after well. I replaced the single carb with twin Italian Weber IDF 40s.
    I fitted a leisure battery with a split charge which has its own socket under the rear seat.
    I had a carpet whipped to fit the rear which is in excellent condition. Up front it has madmatz floor and dash mats.
    I'm looking for £10000.
    Feel free to ask for more pictures, or for a chat about it. It's a very honest bus.

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  2. keep it and put a roof tent on it.

  3. Thanks for the advice, and I'd love to do that as I really love a tin top, but I just spent the weekend in my mate's Viking T25 and I think it's more suitable for what I need now. This bus has been perfect for me over the years, but I think it's probably perfect for somebody else now.
  4. 60BBFD3F-1775-469C-A2CB-3876C16C40FA.jpeg 3F895364-4162-4732-BECC-4881600D0029.jpeg E51DAFEC-39FF-4D1C-BA34-A67CE5C3B3DE.jpeg 705FE5F6-B475-47F7-BE0C-1CD672A07B4E.jpeg 00ED22DF-0BE0-4573-9D96-BFD11B10B86D.jpeg 7D10C57D-1040-4676-973F-7C6FBA98F4CA.jpeg few more pictures
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  5. That's bloody lovely mate :thumbsup:
  6. Thanks.
  7. Like I said it's very honest. I think it has a lot of potential, if somebody wanted to slam it or put a camping interior in.
  8. Seven up at my son's prom, so basically how it would look a bit lower 8CE89331-098D-49F9-8005-37643CC7BD5B.jpeg
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  9. I've had a few enquiries asking similar questions, so to clear up, the asking price includes curtains and rails, three cushions and buddy box. I also have a rain cover which is a couple of years old, but is in good condition that I'll throw in. Also have a nice roof rack and retro awning in green that would be included for full asking price. To get it cheaper these items can be excluded from the sale. They're all good quality.
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    It looks very tidy, nice looking bus. Good luck with sale :)
  11. Thanks

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