FOR SALE SOLD Westfalia Berlin for sale :-(

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  1. After 9 years we’re reluctantly going to sell our van. She's only ever had a battery tray welded, is amazing underneath - properly dinitroled etc, was professionally converted to LPG for fuel economy, (a genuine 35mpg+), has T25 comfy seats with armrests in the original plaid fabric, stealth under the chassis propex heater (first to have it fitted in the UK), double glazing, we had a brand new 2L Laurie Pettit engine fitted which has always had the oil changed at 3,000 miles and sounds beautiful, new steering box, balljoints, callipers, discs, etc heat exchangers are original and all work, rose jointed accelerator pedal for smooth operation…lots of subtle modifications to make camping easier. There’s also 2x 3 point belts in the back for the kids, which is quite a job with the berlin interior. It has a professional cage welded into the cupboard which still allows access but provides the third point. I took these shots last summer so I can send a pic of the cupboard how it is now. It's a very neat install.
    It’s a Cali import and was painted on the outside around 13 years ago (all original inside doors etc). So you can see that what’s there is there, nothing’s been hidden or bodged up. To be clear there are a handful of bubbles that I’ve not worried about as we’ve always used the van rather than just kept it for buffing. Sounds worse than it is, just in case you're after a concourse van. She's barely deteriorated in the 9 years we’ve had her and put 20,000 miles on her. Mileage was assumed original at 88,000 when we bought her.
    We have a really neat wooden trailer which looks great and is practical and also an awning etc. I have so many spares as I was collecting rare parts for when things were no longer available -e.g a spare 3 way fridge from a German Berlin. (The current fridge works great btw)
    The reason for sale is a massive house project. The entire family are gutted to let her go.
    The only thing that really needs doing is respraying the bootlid as it’s rusty under the lock. You can’t see it in these pics. I’ve bought a genuine one from VWH and am in the process of getting it sprayed.
    She drives really well and is a great cruiser with the comfy seats. If you're looking for a genuine van that isn't tarted up to sell or hiding an engine that's going to break down in 50 miles, give me a call (BTW, that is exactly what happened to us). No timewasters please, this is a difficult sale. We're based in West Sussex.

    _DSC5640 1resized.jpg _DSC5646 1resized.jpg _DSC5650 1resized.jpg _DSC5652 1resized.jpg _DSC5654 1resized.jpg _DSC5657 1resized.jpg _DSC5665 1resized.jpg _DSC5685 1resized.jpg _DSC5674 1resized.jpg _DSC5667 1resized.jpg
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    How much?

  3. Delicious...
  4. Make an offer you never know...
  5. threppence ha'penny :hattip:
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    Not for me.
    I never see the point of a for sale advert with no contact details and no price....
  7. threppence and five doubles to raise you..;)
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  8. Sorry Baysearcher, I'm afraid I'm new to the forum so am not familiar with the etiquette. I didn't want to put my details up in case I got calls in the middle of the night! If anyone's interested please email me on Re: the price, I'm after around the £20k mark which reflects what's been spent. I know some buses look prettier on top (2 packed pop tops etc) but this is not tarted up to sell, it was a keeper. Typical that MOTs are now going as she passed every time first time. Only circumstances are forcing my hand. That said, low ball offers and I get to keep her :) Needs to be the right buyer. Email me and have a look if you're serious. Cheers
  9. Fabulous looking bus! Congratulations. If I didn’t already have a late green Westy Berlin, i’d want this one.
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    Lovely looking bus, good luck with the sale.
  11. Did this sell?
  12. Still available ?? B
  13. Im interested in this vehicle. Can you pm me with a contact number so i can arrange a viewing.
  14. He’s only made two posts in 3½ years but he was on today so might see your message. If you want to attract his attention tag him or send a PM.
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  15. Does look an absolute beauty it must be said.
  16. Ive had a repltly its SOLD

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