FOR SALE (Sold)Type 1 1600tp

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  1. 20210327_113546.jpg Hi all ive converted to a type 4 now so im selling my 1600 tp as41 engine .
    The engine was stripped down and regasked no oil leaks what so ever .
    Its got the following

    Stock stainless exhaust
    Power spark dizzy eletronic ignition
    New heritage heat exhangers
    New alan schofields 34pic 3 carb
    Brand new lucus alternator in a box havnt fitted .
    All tinwear complete and factory air box

    Walken herts

    Pm me and i can send you a vid of the engine running .

    Many thanks Aaron
  2. has this sold?
  3. @mgbman any use

    TheLateBay 'massive' could come and help install it, then you could sort your existing engine issues out at leisurely pace and then reinstall it or sell one of them
  4. My son and grandson will be coming to see me tomorrow to talk about the van situation plus many family issues which need to be talked about. We need to clear the air a bit.
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  5. Hopefully along the lines of “about a dozen people I’ve never met have offered to help me out, what about you two?”
    Good luck @mgbman :thumbsup:
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