(SOLD!) RHD double cab pickup

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    Australian RHD double cab pickup. 2l type 4 motor.
    Runs on 14” Fuchs alloys with red detailing.
    Restored when first brought into country by VW Camper Co in 2008.
    I’ve owned since 2012.

    Work done under my ownership (as well as general servicing and maintenance):
    • New brakes all round.
    • Surface rust on wheel arches and doors repaired last year by J-Dubs in Surrey.
    • Gearbox rebuilt by Bears Motorsport (this year).
    • Engine detailing.
    • Pickup bed fitted with treated exterior ply.
    • Early-bay (cross-over) steering wheel fitted
    • Early-bay dashboard dials (including rare clock!) fitted
    • NOS exhaust box and heat exchangers
    • Sony stereo/CD player
    Cab interior is very original and excellent condition.
    Great vehicle - looks like a hot-wheels, runs sweet and is totally reliable.
    Price reduced - £12k (including Fuchs wheels).
    Location: Surrey near M25 (J9).
    Please contact me via PM.
    Low-res photos attached but do not do it justice - will send high-res on request.

    Grab yourself a bargain!

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  2. Bargain ! GLWS :thumbsup:
  3. Any interest now I've reduced the price down to £12k?
  4. Looks great, don't seem to be selling at the moment keep hold and enjoy!!!
  5. Mine did. This is a bargain price.

    the right buyer will come along eventually.
  6. And I thought RHD crewcabs were rare.

    In Surrey alone I now know of 3 including yours. There’s another in Leatherhead and I’m in Woking.

    If it doesn’t sell we should have a crewcab runout to Newlands Corner.

  7. Lovely. You don’t need a camper instead do you?[​IMG]

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