SOLD - RadioShack TRC1080 CB Radio

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  1. Anyone interested in a RadioShack TRC1080 CB radio for their bus?

    Not sure on value, so £40?

  2. Is that for standard UK specific frequencies?
    We use waze these days for grizzlies but could be a bit of fun... :)
  3. I honestly have no idea!
    Clearing out my late grandfather's radio bits and this was in amongst it all!
    I still can't find the power lead though.
  4. From what I remember FM was made UK legal after the old AM sets were outlawed ....

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  5. Yes that is true. Ofcom set aside some similar frequencies on FM, the US AM sets were never legal in the UK but we were all using them till the early 80s anyway. Most of us switched to 80 channel sets (still not legal) that had the 40 uk FM frequencies and 40 US AM frequencies in one box.

    Now my interest has been piqued I’m looking to get another set. Apparently they are popular again now.
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  6. That set says CEPT so its UK/EU legal. Apart from the other 40 channels.
    But it was legally sold in what was once a chain of UK stores.
  7. Because they offer immediate point to multi point comms, need no infrastructure to work.
  8. Hi,
    Is this still available and would you post out for an agreed price?
  9. Yep still available.
    Got a spare mic too.
    I can post for £5.

    It will just need a power cable as I still can't find one.
  10. Thanks, definitely interested and do you know the details on what power cable is needed?
  11. It's an odd looking socket.
    Let me go grab a photo.
    It's nothing I've seen before!
  12. Thanks Andy, had a quick look on line and looks like this type of connector is still available so I am happy to go with it. Please PM me your details and we can sort out payment.
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  13. Have PM'd you :thumbsup:
  14. I’ve seen these. One is ground, one is 12v (13.2v nominal) from the battery and the other is 12v from the ignition (only provides voltage when the ignition is on). Which is which I can’t tell you but I’m sure they will be described somewhere on the interweb.
  15. So, has it sold?

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