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  1. Hi all
    I'm selling my vw camper due to a divorce so it's got round go .
    If you look at my restoration you will see the work put in .
    Loads of new parts some now even fitted yet with a rebuilt 1641 engine that runs .
    The van needs finishing all welding is down but needs the brakes finishing off which are all new from cool air along with other parts .so much to list so it's best to call me
    price is four and half thousand 4500
    ono call me on 07779923226 for full details no stupid offers please
  2. Terrordales

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    All threads need
    • a price
    • a location
    • a photo
    • some form of contact details
    • no ebay links
    • no vehicle sales without a v5 or equivilent
    Be a good chap & pop up your location & a couple of photos, thanks.
  3. Sorry .
    Located in tamworth
    Price 4500 ono
    V5 present
  4. Terrordales

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  5. Sorry to hear of your troubles.
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  6. Cheers zed
  7. Bump
  8. Sorry to hear your news dude nice bus someone snap it up.
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  9. Pm me please interested what interior is fitted
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  10. Can't PM anyone back so plz call me on 07779923226
  11. Any takers I need to move the van on as I'm selling the house
  12. Van has to go now anyone
  13. free bump
  14. Still for sale needs to go as i no longer will have my storage .
  15. Have a free BUMP on another REA___L bus owner. I hope someone can give it a good home.
  16. Cheers mate
  17. Merlin Cat

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    Best of luck with your sale etc

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