Sold in 2015 1976 single cab slammed patina and all that guff

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Graydog, Jun 6, 2015.

  1. sold
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  2. Forgot to add its got 10months mot and 3months tax and it will come with a 2bow roof rack and a framework to put a cover over the back included
    Ps feel free to comment on the price as I'm finding it hard to come up with a realistic one
  3. Nice truck, just for info, tax doesn't get passed on any more under the new rules
  4. Some better photos to show how solid this is but still has the look
    Just the right amount of crust but the bed and inside the treasure chest are mint
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  5. Pretty sure I've brought another single cab so this is going to have to go price dropped to 8k
  6. Have you bought that sweet single cab split off EBay?
  7. I thought I had someone just beat me to it
  8. No way! Gutted mate
    Was a nice single cab
  9. Flakey

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    Is that some kind of bike rack you've got in pic no 3 in the back?
  10. Yep will go with the truck for the right price , pretty handy taking bmx's to shows and my mountin bike to the woods
  11. Sure I saw this at DubAid - young lady was sat knitting I believe!

    Bus looks better in the flesh though.
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  12. Haha that was my wife board at Dub Aid lol yep it does lol seriously cool, the photos don't do it justice really
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  13. Love it ...I am skint ..but love it !
  14. I can vouch for Kevs Bay,,, it's AWESOME. Gutted to see your selling it mate.
  15. Bump I've seen a few things I like so I'm open to offers
    Cheers kev
  16. Right I've bought something else so this needs to go soon as its out in this lovly British summer time weather!!! Will take 7.5k or close offer
  17. Did this sell ?
  18. Ye I’m 2015 bud
  19. Is it still on here ? Love it !! Would have had that
  20. I know the new owner and he ain’t selling anytime soon bud sorry

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