SOLD Fully restored Westfalia Continental just reduced £16,500

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  1. This is Tiki our lovely VW 1973 Continental Westfalia Campervan.

    She underwent a full bare metal 6 month restoration and respray (sage green) in November 2015 by well respected VW restoration specialist Simpsons Aircooled (link to all restoration pictures) all invoices and receipts for work done can be seen.

    Tiki is a rare right hand drive Westfaila, walk through configuration so you can walk from front to back without getting out, witch when camping is much nicer.

    Behind the drivers seat you have a full height wordrobe, gas bottle storage and a fold down two burner hob. This joins to the sink unit, which houses the cool box below ( not currently fitted) and fold up table with spice rack.

    You'll spot the moveable table inside which cleverly pivots around and doubles in size. On both sides of the Camper there is Westy louvered windows to keep cool in summer. Perhaps one of the best features of this model is the full width rock and roll bed. There is also a full width bunk in the elevated roof space. In this space there is opening panels that reveal fly screens with the rear facing panel opening to gain easy access to the roof rack.

    The upholstery is all original and in excellent condition considering its age. The Campervan has been recently serviced by a VW specialist and has 11 months MOT.

    1600c aircooled engine no mechanical modifications as we wanted to keep everything as original as possible.

    The only job left to do is purchase two interior door panels and a sliding door panel as the originals were unfortunately too damaged to restore.

    I'm lowering the asking price due to the door cards not being complete and we unfortunately need to sell quickly ( further reduced ) £16500

    All viewings welcomed please only serious buyers

    We are based in Ipswich

    Contact Tanya on 07969104189
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  2. image.jpg Front
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    Just copy your photos from your ebay listing & post on here.
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  4. You need to put some effort in and learn how to post photos on a forum - I don't belong to facebook and have no intention of joining just to look at your photos on there!
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  5. It is Rare tho!!
  6. Thank you for your useful help Terrordales, I've never used a forum before and I tried to copy and paste from my phone album but was unsuccessful I'll try again. Shame not all members are as helpful. I really don't see any need for your negative comments vwed the Facebook link is from the restoration work done and I was trying to upload my own pictures of the finished van. If you're not interested in buying why comment at all!
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  7. image.jpg thanks again for your help Terrordales hopefully the pictures now work
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  8. image.jpg Side view
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  9. image.jpg Original westfalia interior
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  10. image.jpg Replaced small steering wheel with original from VW Heritage. In this picture you can see that the interior door panels are missing as stated.
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  11. Thanks for the helpful comment! I've never used a forum before instead of being so negative you could of offered me some help and advice I do hope not everyone on this forum is so negative to new people. It's hard enough having to part with our van after working my guts off for months unfortunately our circumstances have changed and we need to sell
  12. Here is some help and advice.....make some effort and take some good pictures of your van and for 20k folks would expect it to be finished. Replacing all the door cards is an hours work at the most, which would make all the difference:thumbsup:
    Happy to help:)
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    Don't take this the wrong way; it's meant helpfully:

    Take some meaningful photos - every bus looks nice like you've shown it. Get down and dirty and put some photos up of the usual rot areas, underside, engine bay etc. You're selling a £20k bus, not a project so put the effort in.

    At £20k your bus is top end so put a few hours work in and finish it. Door cards are easy, cheap and quick to do so do them.
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  14. Thanks I hope the pictures I've posted are helpful! With all due respect the van has cost us a lot more than 20k from our initial purchase and then the costs involved in the full bare metal restoration. unfortunately we can't afford new door cards I'd have loved nothing more than to completely finish the van after all the work I've put in but as we are now a one income family food on our children's plates is more important hence our sale

  15. Thanks for the comment, the reason we are selling is due to the loss of one a job so unfortunately the money isn't there to finish those small jobs hence our sale I'm more than happy to accept offers as I've not finished the door cards. I genuinely thought the link to the Facebook pictures would help this shows all work done from us stripping her, all welding work, and respray. The pictures I've added are the bus now since I've put her back together. But I'll take some of the underside and engine bay as well. thanks again for your honest advice
  16. image.jpg
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  17. Good luck with the sale.

    Sorry that you have to sell so soon after the restoration.

    Using the Tapatalk app, from your mobile phone can be quite an easy way to attach photos to this forum.

    People on here are trying to be helpful to help you secure the best possible price for your van. Hence the need for multiple photos and as much info about work done as possible
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  18. Thanks I'll have a look at the app, some of the comments have now been really useful and I've definitely taken it all on board it's been a very upsetting time after working so hard on the van. But all advice is welcome as I'm unsure of the best places to advertise and what information is most important to a buyer.

    Thanks again
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  19. You're van looks mint, I hope you get a sale or something takes a turn for the better and you guys can keep it!!! If you put the door cards on, next thing they'll want a picture of inside the doors.......!!!! Peace and empathy.......

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  20. Reducing to £16500 as we need to sell quickly

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