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  1. As far as required.
  2. And very good it is too.
    Mucho rubbing down and painting with rustoleum to come, then a bit of woodwork in the back, some Ye Olde style sign writing and of course the 1910cc type 4 I'm building in the garage.
  3. Is it for a gardening van ? love to see these as work vehicles...
  4. It is. :thumbsup: I think the radical lowering might not be quite the thing...
  5. It was lowered or Glynns lowered it?
  6. ours is going to be worked too - just as it was built and designed for :thumbsup:
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  7. The lowering is a pain but to be fair, the gardens/driveways round here are smoother than the M1.
    Bigger wheel/tyre combo (m&s) is going on.
    Did you see whether it was adjustable on the front Steve?
    If so I may raise it back up, if not we'll live with it.
  8. This might be hard to believe, but I didn't notice. :oops:
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