SOLD 78 Westfalia Berlin Champagne Edition - Winnie SOLD

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Grazzer, Jan 3, 2014.

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  1. SOLD !!! Winnie is a superb Westy CE and was restored from a wreck to her current glory on these very pages - look her up in the Restoration section of TLB, I don't think I need to say anymore!

    I'm looking for £14500..... Feel free to ask questions :)

    She'll come with a new MOT..... As it's only until May.

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  2. Took a few more Piccies yesterday as you can see, and I thought I'd just list some of the work done for those who haven't read the resto thread.....

    Originally purchased from Darren Irwin in San Diego, she was imported here in May 2013. I set myself an ambitious target of having her ready for Camper Jam which left me approx 8 weeks to get her ready!
    Winnie had a burnt bottom, and the engine bay and a small part of the interior was trashed, but the rest was ROCK solid. So, I stripped her out completely including the engine, interior, windows, and removed the pop top. She was then sandblasted ready for paint and sent to a specialist to have the engine bay welded up. Winnie's owners had clearly laid her up for at least 20 years, and it actually looked like she only just been serviced before the fire happened... Sadly, because the paint had been burnt off, what was exposed had rusted, and the engine bay was bad! So, Scotty in Bicester welded her up to a very high standard and the bodyshop next door painted her in the original Champagne colours.
    Whilst it was in the bodyshop, I stripped a spare engine and using parts from that and the original engine built a good running unit from the two.
    The seats and bed cushions were all recovered in the proper Westy plaid material, and I also replaced the headlining boarding, and a friend sorted out all the interior units.
    I then worked every night to put her all back together, including rewiring etc.
    Everything went well, and she passed her MOT a week or so before Camper jam, and we made it there without incident.
    So, she's all there and looks superb in the flesh!
    Here's a list of parts:
    Five new tyres
    New windscreen
    New rubbers throughout
    New brake pads, cylinders, hoses, shoes, handbrake cables, etc
    New shocks all round
    New steering track rods etc
    New battery
    New leisure battery
    New exhaust (but looking a bit secondhand now!)
    New wiring
    Pop top canvas

    That's all I can think of right now, but I know I'm only skimming the surface.

    If you want a proper sorted and professionally rebuilt van, ready to use and enjoy, and don't want to pay the usual 18k plus, then this van is for you. It's totally ROCK solid and in amaZing nick. Come and look, and grab a bargain! :)
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  3. Hi, saw your other post. Looks a nice bus mate. I posted up about my cab doors and you'd think that they'd be snapped up. Wait out a while, people will be along to view I'm sure, especially with all that's been done.
    Problem is I think, people on here are looking to work in their buses for the season ahead, not necessarily looking to buy. Have you advertised it elsewhere?
    Keep your options open and I'd probably ask for a little more if I were you? Good luck ;)
  4. Oh and nothing to do with it being brown lol! ;)
  5. Simply haven't got 18p to rub together never mind 18 grand wrong time of year

    Nice bus tho
  6. Thank you chaps, I feel better now :)
  7. Nice bus. Does it come in another colour?
  8. @Grazzer Is the seat/buddy box available seperately?
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  9. Silver

    Silver Needs points/will pay!

    Nice bus, steering wheel is on the wrong side.
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  10. id say in 3 months time that will fly out , dont drop the price ,just be patient , park it somewhere where wealthy mums take their kids to school , they think they are worth loads more , dont try n sell it to peeps who just want a bargain.;)
  11. It could be arranged.....
  12. i reckon your number plate is worth a bit ,, yaw b4 s
  13. Thats a lovely bus mate and at a good price :thumbsup:
  14. My Aussie bay was on for 5-6 mths 2012/13 then from late Jan/Feb started to get interest.Think things should liven up soon.:thumbsup: Nice van.
  15. Looks good
    Sold one almost the same for £1295 as wanted to get on with another camper
    And we had lost some of our storage / so could have got nearer to what your asking ...
    Then a chap round the corner got one for £18000
    A bit to much IMO
    Set yourself a year to sell
    All the best for the sale peter
  16. A year!!!!! At this price I sincerely hope not!
  17. Good luck with the sale :thumbsup: Looks like a nice bus.
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