[SOLD]1979 Bay window Twin Slider £8000 ono

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  1. 1979 VW T2 Late Bay Danbury Twin Slider camper

    Production date: June 1979 - Next year it will be an historic vehicle and as such tax and MOT free!

    Due to repeated time wasters Bumble is back up for sale.

    So, after much deliberation we have decided to sell our much loved VW camper....
    The body work is all original with only a slight skim of filler over the welds after panel replacement. It has been kept in a garage and only really used during the summer months in good conditions. It has been wax-oiled on the underside and kept as is for the rest of the bodywork.

    It has a 2.0 type 4 engine. It starts great every time and has enough power to deal with modern day traffic. It has new fuel lines, pump and filters fitted.

    It comes with the following:

    Last MOT expired in July which it passed first time, will add a fresh MOT for the buyer on sale.

    - 3/4 Rock n roll bed
    - 2 x 3 point seat belts in front
    - Propex gas heater under rock and roll bed with thermostat
    - Leisure battery 110AH, 140amp voltage sensitive relay, fuse board and battery charger fitted
    - High ampage four way power splitter under rock and roll bed ready for installation of plugs or other accessories.
    - Silver backed JustKampers blackout blinds
    - Custom built interior which includes an area for a camping stove, gas lines have been plumbed in with cut off valves which split the gas between the propex and the cooker, only one bottle is needed to run both.
    - Dynamat fitted over the engine compartment, behind the rock n roll bed, the complete floor area and all door panels
    - CD player with USB i-pod connectivity and speakers up front
    - Original seats in the cab – driver’s seat a bit tired with a tear in the cover
    - Original panels in the cab
    - Original front headlining in good condition
    - Rear headlining has been replaced with high quality foam liner with an LED strip light installed on a rocker switch. this provides more than enough light to fill the entire bus and as its led its current draw is minimal
    - Power distribution bank from the Leasure battery fitted in the front along with a secondary fuse box
    - New front window
    - New door and window seals throughout
    - Sliding window fitted in the rear by the bed
    - bench seat/storage against the bulkhead. Being a twin slider storage options are limited but you also have the advantage of a full walk through. Awning fitted one side and still access outside, Great for adding a needed breeze on the hot days.
    - All lights working and rewired where needed
    - High quality, sparkly, heavy duty commercial grade laminate flooring fitted. Also anti slip
    - Dash has been repainted
    - fuel gauge has has both new gauge and new regulator. Although this still doesnt work. I suspect it is the wiring
    - New fuel sender fitted in the tank
    - Access panel has been cut above the fuel tank for easy access to the sender

    Engine, Mechanical's and Suspension
    - Strong 2.0 l Type 4 engine
    - complete engine rebuild taken place April last year with a pair of NOS heads fitted, new seals, rings, gaskets, exhaust headers, shells etc
    - New electronic fuel pump, with fuel shut off valve fitted under the tank
    - Replaced fuel hoses
    - Replaced CV boots
    - Replaced rear brake hoses
    - Replaced rear brake cylinders
    - Replaced all brakes lines throughout
    - new brake pads
    - New front calipers
    - New assisted front brake servo retro fitted
    - new brake master cylinder
    - New handbrake cables
    - new clutch cable
    - New Accelerator cable
    - New gear nob bushes
    - New brake line compensator
    - 6 Rib gearbox sourced and fitted
    - New 228mm Clutch and flywheel
    - external full flow oil cooler
    - single 32/36 progressive carburettor
    - Pertronix Igniter 2 Distributor system powered from an Flamethrower 2 ignition coil with 8mm high temp ignition leads
    - A durite 12 volt 140amp split charge relay
    - New earth straps
    - New tyres July 2015
    - New battery and leisure battery 2015
    - New Vintage speed Super Flow Exhaust
    - Adjustable front beam which has been dropped two splines
    - Rear Beam has been dropped slightly to put a gentle rake on the stance
    - Rev Counter fitted
    - Oil Temp gauge

    Paint and Bodywork
    - Total respray inside and out
    - Recently had the rear quarter panel and full rear quarter professionally replaced with original NOS VW panels after someone hit the side of the bus when it was parked.
    - Complete new paintwork inside and out
    - The underside is rot free and under-sealed
    - New jacking points
    - various panels have been replaced with NOS, generally only the bottom 6 inches

    I am open to sensible part ex offers. I have been to enough shows to see those £8-12k ones you see where they show a van incomplete or with enough rust to scare you
    I bought this as a rolling chassis 9 years ago and have spent thousands on restoring it. Financal reasons force sale.
    Its very rare to find a twin slider in such good condition these days and even more rare to find one without the roof being hacked and a poptop fitted. This is as original as it gets.
    More photos can be provided, questions happily answered, genuine buyers please....

    IMG_2993.jpeg IMG_2994.jpeg IMG_2995.jpeg IMG_2996.jpeg IMG_2998.jpeg IMG_2997.jpeg IMG_2999.jpeg IMG_3001.jpeg IMG_3004.jpeg IMG_3005.jpeg
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  2. Hi, sorry if I've missed the info, but where is Bumble located? Thanks!
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    Hi. If you click on his avatar it says Surrey. I think he's actually in the Croydon area ish :)
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  4. Thanks!
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  5. Wow - that looks a bargain for £8k - maybe mine's not worth what I thought
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  6. beautiful colour! GLWS :thumbsup:
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  7. This has now sold
  8. What is the name of the colour on the bus and the number if you know it? ...my project bus seems to be that colour cheers .
  9. Citrus yellow 2-116 (Audi) from jca coatings

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