[SOLD]1978 VW T2 LHD Late Bay westfalia camper

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  1. 1978 VW T2 Late Bay Westfalia camper
    West Midlands
    So, after much deliberation we have decided to sell our much loved VW camper....
    Please share far and wide so we can find her a new home!

    1978 VW T2 Late Bay westfalia camper van for sale:
    She was imported from California in 2014 and bought by us early 2015. Coming from a dry state she is in great condition. The body work is all original with no filler to my knowledge. She has been kept in a garage and only really used during the summer months in good conditions. She's been waxoiled on the underside and kept as is for the rest of the bodywork.
    She has a 2.0 fuel injection type 4 engine. She starts great every time and has enough power to deal with modern day traffic. Earlier in the year we had a new fuel tank, lines, pump and filters fitted because we were starting to get cut outs due to years of dirt and grime filtering out of the fuel tank where it had built up too much sludge. She's back like new again.

    She comes with the following including add on's fitted when we bought her.
    - Pop top full size double bed opening to the front.
    - Hammock for child over front cab - arms and canvas (2 setsriginals and reproduction)
    - 3/4 Rock n roll bed
    - 2 x 3 point seat belts in front 1 x 3 point in rear 1 x lap belt in rear
    - 240 Hookup in engine compartment and extension cable
    - Propex gas heater under rock and roll bed with thermostat above side window.
    - Leisure battery.
    - 240 mains plug and cigarette adapter next to footlocker under rock and roll bed.
    - Captains swivel front passenger seat.
    - Hand made custom curtains with poppers for night time privacy.
    - Plumbed sink although we've never used the built in water container as it was the original one and I always meant to take it out and clean it but never got round to it.
    - Hob hooked up to gas.
    - Awning also available separately. see profile picture of that or request additional images if interested.
    - Last MOT in April which it passed first time.
    - Currently SORN and wrapped up during the winter months.
    - Now comes with brand new leisure battery not fitted yet.
    More photos can be provided, questions happily answered, genuine buyers please....

    Available from Lichfield Staffordshire. - 07771540906 or message me on here.

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. now SOLD.
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    Amended thread title :hattip:
  4. re opened the thread and bumped it as last year my buyers fell through due to personal reasons on their part and could not complete. With Christmas and other things I never got around to putting her back up and just did a few tidy up jobs over the Christmas period. Now seems the right time to put her back up and see if we can find her the right new home.

    If you know of someone that wants to get a good bus ready for the 2018 summer season then please feel free to pass this thread onto them.
  5. Looks great.

    I think you’re under priced personally..

  6. @crossy2112 Thanks for the advice :)

    I would maybe interested in your bus. I'll write you a PM.
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  7. now SOLD.
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