FOR SALE SOLD - 1978 2.0 VW T2 camper (Tigerlily) in stunning original condition.

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  1. IMG_1755.jpg IMG_2283.jpg IMG_2813.jpg IMG_4632.jpg IMG_7040.jpg IMG_8759.jpg IMG_9484.jpg IMG_2399.jpg IMG_5675.jpg IMG_7959.jpg Description
    IMG_1755.jpg IMG_2283.jpg Current owner for 20 years.
    Regularly serviced and maintained regardless of cost.
    This is the most original, unmolested and smoothest driving van I’ve ever seen.

    Started its life in Australia (hence the ‘roo bar). We bought her for a backpacking tour 20 years ago and imported to UK in 2002 - the van was too good to give up!

    Has been kept in a garage for the whole of its life.

    Full bare-metal re-spray in 2007 in original colour. Never welded.
    Genuine 14” Porsche Fuchs wheels. Original steel wheels also included in sale.
    Must be seen to be believed.

    Original 2l engine with standard twin carb setup (timing still managed with points) and mechanical fuel pump.

    Australian Sunliner conversion – ¾ R&R bed, kids double bed in the roof, cupboards, drawer, cooker, sink, fridge. Gas has been removed for space as we never used it.
    Leisure battery (for interior lights and fridge) and mains hook-up.
    Sliding side windows and poptop with mozi-nets.

    Roof lining, door cards, cab mat, seats etc all original in amazing condition.

    Photos not able to do it justice. This van has not been restored – it’s just in amazing original condition. Must be seen to be believed.

    Very reluctant sale but we’ve just converted the garage and no longer have anywhere to keep her.

    Located in Surrey - 5 miles from M25 junction 9.
    Please phone to arrange viewing.
    Nick 07973 882 592
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  2. Merlin Cat

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    I’ve put it on big photos @nnnnssss mainly because I couldn’t see the little ones! It looks v tidy, GLWS :)
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  3. Beat me too it :)
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  4. Yes but ...... got to sell first!
  5. Shame - you`ll struggle to find another looking this good ...

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  6. Found one, for the same, that Andrew would have a look at if ours sells soon enough, and another for about 4k less that would probably need 2k on it to get it right ... Only thing I've been looking at lately is this:
    A few amateur factor repairs to do and we're done :thumbsup:
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  7. Original condition but bare metal respray ?? Not been restored ?? If it’s been painted it aint original condition ... lovely bus tho

  8. Hey Nick, we may be interested in this. It is slightly over budget and we live in Manchester but it’s truly beautiful! Is it still for sale?
  9. Nice bus. If you need new rollers for the poptop let me know. Looks like a sopru conversion to me. Usually there is another plate above the vin plate - Oz plate. Got any pictures of the conversion, especially once the roof was removed.

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