SOLD. 1977 Volkswagen Westfalia Berlin Campervan

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  1. 1977 Volkswagen Westfalia Berlin Campervan
    LHD Californian Import (June 2009)
    Taiga (Sage) Green body with a white Rear Hinged Pop Top
    1600cc Standard Engine
    Manual Gearbox
    MOT until Oct 2015

    We purchased the Van in October 2012 just after it had been resprayed but not before we saw it in its original condition. It was fitted with new door seals and had a new Canvas fitted to the roof. Since then we have covered just 1671 miles in it but have had it serviced every year by a local VW Aircooled Specialist. In addition to the servicing we have also had the following work done.
    · Rebuilt carb
    · New Steering coupling (not the cheap type but VW branded)
    · Front brake callipers rebuilt
    · Gear selector couplings replaced
    · RR Brake hoses
    · Breather hoses replaced
    As you can see, not a lot has been done mechanically because it was not needed!

    So we concentrated on improving the interior which has had the following.
    · Interior stripped out and Waxoyl sprayed inside doors and panels etc.
    · Flooring replaced with new Plywood, topped with Madmatz tiles in rear. In the front, insulation mat topped with a new carpet, again Madmatz, plus new wheel arch rubbers.
    · Front and rear seats, rear bed cushion and Front door Panels all professionally reupholstered in top quality reproduction Westy Fabric (Green plaid) and vinyl. Interior Cabin roof is a new sheet of Plywood.
    · New plastic kick panels in the front.
    · Automotive insulation behind all panels.
    · All interior panels and cabinets/furniture relaminated with new Laminate. Everything, including the curtain Pelmets! The interior is like a new Van.
    · Other touches include Bamboo shelf in the front, Jail bars in the rear.
    · Working (original) gas hob with sink and working tap and pump.
    · Working (original) fridge that gets very cold but is also controllable.
    · Passenger seat also swivels to face into back of van when required.
    · The van has a Split charge system with a Leisure battery feeding its own Fusebox for lights, pump, Radio, power sockets, fridge etc.
    · Whilst there is a full Electric Hook up with interior socket. A Ctek 7 battery charger is also fitted on board.
    · Music comes from a DAB/CD/Iphone/ipod/mp3 player.
    · Various bits of new plastic and rubber trims (Gearstick boot, Glovebox etc)

    Also included in the sale is
    · A Khyam Motordome Classic Awning (used 3 times in 2014)
    · A winter cover
    · Thermal Window blinds
    · Wheel chocks and Ramps
    · A Pop Top Thermal cover.
    · Some spare bits and pieces (points, Dizzy cap, belt etc.)
    · Haynes Manual, Bentley Manual and ‘How to keep your VW Alive’ books

    This van (always known as Kermit since 2009) is a very clean and honest van. As we have had work done we have taken pictures of what we have done so there are photos of it before its respray with its old interior, all the way through to now. We have looked after it in the time we have had it and added items as we have gone along. It is ready to go camping in and it will turn heads and be admired wherever you take it (you might even win a trophy, I did!).

    All pics from March 2015 with exception of Awning which was 2014
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  2. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Looks bloody lovely that
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  3. davidoft

    davidoft Sponsor

    To cheap :eek:
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  4. Bargain ! :D
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  5. never ever thought id see you sell this loft , good luck bud with what ever you do . Anyone who wants a mint bus , get round n get get ya cash out this is a great bus . :thumbsup:
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  6. What! No! Good luck and wAy too cheap!
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  7. Under half the price of a new Danbury as well , original bus ,original interior, miles better :thumbsup:
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  8. Lovely lovely looking bus :thumbsup:
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  9. A little nudge for the Easter weekend. Looks like a nice weekend for viewing and just in time for the new season :thumbsup:
  10. BUMP cant believe you havnt sold it loft , id stick it in volksworld or camper n bus mag , it will prob go quicker . Or essex porn mag lol , good luck bud .
    ps Maybe you should take it for a last easter run too :)
  11. Lovely, gives me something to aspire to!
  12. Thanks Barn. I have to appreciate it is on the higher end of people's wallets but it is a nice bus. I might well indeed take it for a spin this weekend.
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  13. Just seen this!! What the......., can't believe you're selling the bus mate!
    What's the plan then?
  14. I know I must be mad. To be honest, we are unlikely to use it much in the next few years so I would rather move it on than leave it on the drive. We have had a lot of fun with it and I'm proud of where we got it to, but now it's time for someone else to have him.
  15. What a fantastic bus and a bargain, if this was at VW Downunder (Basildon) it would be more like £25.000! Some lucky person will snap this up, would love this but no spare funds.
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  16. Sorry to hear you letting the bus go... Take care & be lucky
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  17. el


    that looks lovely mate .
  18. What a corker
  19. The deed is done !

    Tomorrow Kermit will be going to his new home with a new family. I have had a lot of fun with him both as a camper and also as a 'clean' project. He has always attracted flattery from others (many of you on here) and I am confident that the new owners will not only look after him, but will also use him as he was intended.

    I have recommended that they get an account on here and join in the fun but I will let them introduce themselves if they decide to say hello.

    For me, a HUGE thank you for all your support, friendship and entertainment on here. I did not get to a techenders so I missed out on meeting some of you in person. I do intend to pop in from time to time and may even turn up at the odd show but I have a new hobby now that will take up some time so it may be a while.

    Kermit will be travelling late afternoon tomorrow south around the M25 and then down the M3 I believe, so if you see him, wave madly so that the new owners feel welcomed into the 'family'. Take care every one.
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  20. just said to betty cant believe you havnt sold it , sad day but im sure your new hobby chasing ladies around a field will keep you occupied:D , stay in touch bud , regards to your family until we meet again :(
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