FOR SALE SOLD. 1974 Westfalia, solid, reliable, £14,995 Chelmsford

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    Welcome to the sale of our family campervan. We reckon this will be our last year when the kids are interested in monthly camping trips so we're putting her on the market now in no particular rush, in fact we have trips planned and booked, if she sells we'll have to cross that bridge. We've always been of the mindset that while we've got such a great van we must use it or it's not worth the luxury. We've been all over the place including Dorset, Devon, East Anglia, Sussex and the Freddyfiles show near Brussels twice. This van has never let us down due partly to the unmolested nature of the van and mostly through my attention to servicing and preventative maintenance. I have all the bills for money we've spent. We have owned the van for nearly three years but that's four seasons, last year we went away every month from March to October.


    The van presents really well, in one year only Bali yellow the colour really pops and the photos don't do it justice (remember this paint is 42 years old. I would say the paintwork is 80% the original paint, when we bought it some of the rear had some paint but otherwise the rest is as it came out of the factory. That said its not perfect with the signs of 42 years use evident but you can see what you are getting with this van no horrors hiding under the paint. It is a very vibrant colour that gets you noticed, people often say they've seen usnnwhen we haven't seen them. Scratches have been touched in here and there. But the important part when choosing a van is that it is solid with no rot or rustyness. Underneath the van is fantastic and wax oiled, my man who does my servicing says it's the best van he has through his door. During our ownership the van has been dry stored from October to February in a barn nearby, this has helped no doubt. I am a polishing geek, I have relentlessly waxed and polished this van all in the name of preservation, rain just runs off it.

    There is a patch of rust under the spare wheel at the bottom where it touches. I didn't know it was there until last year when I checked the wheel, I waxed it heavily with collinite and put the wheel back on, it's no worse.


    The van has an up to date day van lay out, this is the layout we searched for as we couldn't imagine frying bacon or doing other stinky cooking inside. It gives you the advantage of a full width rock and roll bed downstairs and loads of under seat storage for gas, sleeping bags etc. And a nice area for the family to sit around chilling, reading or watching films. Upstairs there is another full width double bed. This is the best layout, the Westies that hinge at the front don't provide full size beds upstairs. The van is very tidy inside with a smart laminate floor in the main cab and walk though from the front. There is a propex heater with thermostat fitted that works and has been back to the factory for a new sensor during our ownership. These are excellent heaters that work off the leisure battery and sip away at a separate gas bottle, you'll never be cold, there is a CO alarm fitted as a precaution inside the van. Propex would cost you more than £500 fitted.
    Electric hook up also provides two domestic plug sockets for a fan heater, curling tongs, hairdryer, straighteners if you want it. There is leisure battery power to a cigar lighter in the back, this can be used for the cool box when on the road or charging phones etc.
    Up front everything is good with a decent stereo, speakers front and rear and a shiny smart dash.


    This van originates from New Mexico, hence the condition. Since it has been in the UK, about 8/9 years from memory, it's averaged 1500 miles a year, I think the shown mileage could be genuine,last year was an adventurous one covering 3000. The van steers dead straight with no hands on the wheel and the gear change is not vague like some you find. It'll sit between 60 and 70 (more if you want) all day fully loaded with awning, fridgebox, cooker, with four adults and four bikes on the rack. I was at Freddyfiles last week a 500 miles weekend without a hitch or a drop of oil spilt, four gentlemen carried in comfort for a cultural weekend.
    Preventative work done in our ownership: the van has had electronic ignition, new coil, new front window rubbers, tow bar and electrics fitted, engine bay fire extinguisher, new fuel lines (essential on older vans steer clear of any that haven't had this done), new alternator and regulator, new Bosch 5 year battery, new leisure battery, electric hook up and RCD fitted. As I said before the van has never broken down. I had detected that the battery wasn't performing that well on start up, hence the new Bosch battery and alternator. It's the second replacement battery we've had, the previous one cheaper and not as beefy. The van has leaked a little oil from time to time, once from the distributor seal which was replaced, then from the dip stick boot. This is a fiddly problem for a lot of vans. I have solved this by placing a rubber sheath around the dipstick tube creating a seal, it works and had the approval of my mechanic last month.
    The van is fully serviced and ready to go for another year with nearly a year's MOT I have no worries going anywhere this year and if it doesn't find a new home we will be doing just that.

    I have always thought that the exhaust will need replacing at some point, but with one section replaced and some gum, it's still okay. I'm mentioning it as something for the future at some point, don't know when.

    I have two khyam awnings for the van. One is a motor dome tourer, the other a motor dome sleeper which has compartments in it to sleep four. These will be included in the sale for asking price or by further negotiation.

    I have tried to be as candid as possible with my description I don't want people to have wasted journeys, if I remember something I'll add it later. If you want particular photos please ask and I'll oblige.

    Looking around at what's out there at the moment I think this is a good van sensibly priced. Agreed valuation two years ago was £14,500 with plenty spent since then.

    There are plenty of pics of the van on instagram: bloomers100 ask to join up with me.

    Cleared funds in our account before the van gets released. Proof of insurance for test drives otherwise it'll be me doing the driving, I'm happy to drive you about for a while so you can get the feel of van life.

    Any questions please ask. I'll just reiterate that we're in no hurry and will be carrying on with planned trips until a buyer comes along so mileage will go up a bit, it just seems sensible to start the process now particularly with Easter hols approaching.

    Come and have a look, the kettle is always on.

    This is a lift of my eBay classified ad, I don't mean to be patronising to those in the know if it seems a bit simplistic, but we all started somewhere.

    [​IMG] My fave pic taken on the South Downs.
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  2. looks like a nice van. glwts.
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  3. Terrordales

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    Can we have some contact details please, as per the rules.
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  5. There's a bit of dew on that top picture, the shine is fine.
  6. Looks great and a decent price
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  7. Looks a good example and price...what engine is it? I live not far from Chelmsford and interested who your vw mechanic is, would you recommend him
  8. I believe from past threads we both use Dan.
  9. Its a 2L with a single Webber carb. It's been rolling road tuned in the past couple of years.
  10. Please can you tell me where Dan is located and a contact number, many thanks
  11. He's located in Rayne and prefers to use email,

    He's a decent guy. I'm obviously mistaken as to whether you know him. There's someone else on here with a blue bus who uses him.

    Tell him I sent you, thanks.
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  12. Hi Ian
    Is this still for sale?
  13. Yes @Dutty999 it is and I'm around all weekend if you want to take a look.
  14. Thanks it's for a friend, I think he may be sorted but lovely bus
  15. Well, 90 watchers on ebay, 3200 views and no meaningful contact.

    I have just had a lovely weekend in Suffolk in it though, which has put me in two minds about the whole selling thing. :rolleyes::gnome:
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  16. A couple of shiney pics taken today, got all buffed up for someone who couldn't make it in the end, never mind.


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  17. The eBay ad has finished. I had 103 watchers and 3,700 odd views, but no one came for a look. I think I may have advertised too early in the season, but I think I'm alright on price etc. Please let me know if you think otherwise.

    I'm going to leave this here for now and carry on camping <oooooh matron>
  18. I think it's a good price considering what I've spent doing mine :eek:
  19. Back on eBay
  20. Why not stick it on at 12 with reserve at 15

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