FOR SALE SOLD 1974 lhd single cab for sale also listed on eBay **now reduced**

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  1. Hi, I have for sale my 1974 Bay window single cab, the vehicle was imported from Greece so is LHD and fairly solid in all the right places, it has had some repairs in the past and has some body filler too as do most of the older vehicles, this didn’t concern me too much as my intention was to use it and not be scared to scratch it and it also shows it’s hard working life.

    The load bed on the pick up it all original and looks like it’s not been overload like many others I have seen, the treasure chest compartment has had a few small repairs near the door but is solid and original.

    Front doors are 99% rust free no holes in the lower sections,

    Engine was rebuild in Greece and has the correct end float, I have done around 700miles since owning the single cab and it’s a pleasure to drive in fact it’s far better than my prototype camper!!

    Since buying the truck I have fitted drop spindles and horse shoes plates, (if a buyer wanted it returning to original I could do prior to them collecting the truck)

    Most of the suspension ball joints and track control arms were and front and rear brake shoes/pads replaced prior to me buying the single cab as was some welding (it’s not amazing work but fit for purpose)

    Interior is not perfect but the seats have had new covers, the passenger seat could do with some more foam putting in if I’m honest.

    Single cab is located in Boston,Lincolnshire
    Looking for £6,000
    Any questions please don’t hesitate in contacting me!

    Also listed on eBay

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    Love a sika Good luck with the sale.
  3. JamesLey

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    If only I had the spare cash!

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  4. Will also take a px if that helps a potential buyer

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  5. Reduced! £4500 no offers found a vehicle I need to have, so looking for quick sale

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  6. Sold

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