FOR SALE SOLD 1974 LHD Campmobile Deluxe 5 seat Westfalia

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  1. SOLD
    Ok not sure I'm 100% committed to doing this but we have some rough plans to buy a motorhome for 2018 so I figure if someone wants the bus as it is before I tidy it up over winter then so here goes...

    1974 U.S. import Campmobile Westfalia that is rock solid and has never needed or had welding underneath unlike a lot of them!

    Mali as he is affectionately known in our family also had a new recon Vege Type 4 2.0 engine around 8000 miles ago and has taken our family of 5 on some amazing adventures over the last 2 years we have had him. Mali has also taken me to the last two Techenders (early ones) and other VW shows such as the recent Skeg Vegas in case you might have seen Mali there.

    NOTE: This layout of a Westy is quite rare as it allows you to have 3 passengers in the back via the full width bed (Two 3 point belts & 1 lap belt) and at night time you have two good double sized beds plus a small over the cab bunk for a child up to 14 or so.

    I also have the other original unit which goes behind the drivers seat which is a sink unit but this was removed so we could get the dogs bed in and we didn't think we would ever use the sink. I also have the flip down table that goes on the side of the bus, new louvre window seals and lots of other bits I have taken off or intended to put on that will come with the bus.

    Some of the more recent, stand out bits I have fitted:

    • 100W Solar panel, 110AH Leisure Battery, electric hook up and split charge system to enable you to go off grid for a few days but still have power
    • Full service with new dizzy cap to go with the rock solid SVDA Accuspark Electronic Ignition
    • New starter motor and bush replaced. Original VW starter awaiting refurbishment
    • Dual 34 ICT carbs fully set up on a rolling road with the right size emulsion tubes etc and K&N cone filters meaning the bus averages around 25mpg fully loaded, has no flat spots and will sit at an indicated 70 mph all day
    • New commercial tyre
    • New Brake Calipers and pads. Possibly did disks as well but can't find receipt for those
    • 2 brand new doors before JK and everywhere else ran out of them
    • Snail fan that now has pipes and flaps underneath and heat gets to the middle of bus but think totem bit in cab is blocked so heating not in cab yet - winter job to do!
    • New black kick panels
    • VW German window mech that will last unlike the 'new' ones
    Since buying the bus as a USA import...
    • Full interior and exterior respray in Bali Yellow
    • Silent Coat added to all panels to reduce the normal road noise
    • New pop top canvas with 3 zip windows
    • Replaced virtually everything else on a new for old basis which I'm dreading looking at the receipts / cost spreadsheet to itemise but can provide this as the bus didn't have any service history before I bought it
    Bits I would be getting done over Winter if I was keeping it:
    • The dent / scratch down the side which is shown in one of the pictures. I have a mate who is a professional car restorer who will do this but is fully booked for a few months although I might be able to get this done elsewhere in the mean time.
    • MOT which is due in December but happy to get this done before selling for new owner's peace of mind
    • Drivers seat recovered as it is just basically springs now! Passenger seat is ok although might be best to get them both done at once
    • Sand and paint the fibre glass pop top roof and also try to get the slight kink out of it which has always been there since I got it but which doesn't affect the van in any way
    I'm up in Newcastle Upon Tyne and happy to discuss any of the above or any other questions with anyone via here and have NOT advertised the bus anywhere else yet as I am hoping it goes to someone on here or someone who is a friend of someone on here :thumbsup:



    20170918_155904.jpg 20170918_155939.jpg 20170918_160003.jpg 20170918_160114.jpg 20170918_160156.jpg mali.jpg 151216-IMG_20151216_125807 (Medium).jpg mdf.jpg 151216-IMG_20151216_125859 (Medium).jpg 151216-IMG_20151216_125842 (Medium).jpg
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  2. Pic of the dent / scratch down the side I did clipping a car's bumper in a car park :oops:

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  3. lovely looking bus same model as ours GLWTS
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  4. sorry your selling mate but good solid van for someone!
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  5. Yeah cheers guys. I was genuinely sad to write the advert but just wanted to put it out there in case someone is serious about getting a good solid bus to tinker with before next season otherwise like I say I will do the work and hold out for more myself next year.

    I will leave it to fate to decide if I keep it and go down large credit route for motorhome or can get a decent lump towards our next adventure mobile earlier :thumbsup:
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  6. Will stick some pics of underneath up ASAP as someone asked for those. Anything else I should add?
  7. Now then fella ! that did surprise me , all the best with the sale :thumbsup:
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  8. Yes @GONA66 I know but needs must I'm afraid :(
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  9. Ok price lowered to offers around £16,000 as I'm off to look at a motorhome on Tuesday and don't want to store this as well over Winter.

    Just to state again this USA bus need NO welding, is solid, has a strong 8000 mile old 2,0 litre type 4 engine and is an original Westfalia Campmobile that just needs a few little cosmetic bits doing over winter which if done would I think see being able to sell for £20,000 next season judging by what I know others have sold for recently.

    Last chance for someone on here to get a nice, genuine bus before it goes on eBay :(
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  10. Looks a tidy bus mate, but people who know what they are looking at might have a couple of questions, Has the foam engine seal been missing long on the right hand side of the engine ? Does the snail fan work as not connected ? Any photos of it prior to being painted ?

    £16k is quite a bit of money mate so I would connect the snail fan, fit the alternator adjusting blank, foam seal etc Its only a few quid but makes it look right to the trained eye :)

    Problem on here is most have one already !!

    Good luck with sale :)
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  11. Thanks for feedback. I have new foam seal, snail fan is connected now but totem pole at front blocked as per details above and on eBay and it's never had an alternator blank but will maybe take new pics with these bits in mind :thumbsup:
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  12. Ok on Ebay here and link to some more pictures here.

    Would prefer Mali to go to someone here who is looking for a solid, genuine and reliable bus so they don't get ripped off buying one full of filler etc but deposit down on motorhome so need him gone ideally.
  13. Another one off back home to Germany :(

    Mali in front of the new motorhome which we have bought to use for extended trips around Europe which I will do a post about on here when I have time and if I'm still welcome ;)

  14. Hope you got a good result mate ?

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  15. Yes got what I wanted - they are happy, I'm happy and credit card balances will look a bit healthier tomorrow after the hammering they took for the motorhome!
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  16. Best of luck on your new adventures
    Don’t be a stranger dude
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  17. Look forward to reading them :thumbsup:
    haha the motorhome looks ace.
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  18. Had first night away in it and kids are totally sold on it so all good :thumbsup:
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  19. Pics, pics , pics !!! Mmmmmm must confess , we’ve contemplated this scenario too ! You must come over sometime mate , there’s 5 sites within a mile of us .

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  20. Yes send me your address details via conversations on here and we will try and head down your way sometime as I really want to see your crew cab too :thumbsup:

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