SOLD 1973 T2 Late Bay Westfalia Camper 2 litre

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  1. Current Owner - for the last 32 years

    The bus has been a defining part of the family for 32 years and the provider of nearly all family holidays as well as a work horse and of course, just being a cool set of wheels.

    It is in excellent condition inside, out and underneath and passes MOT’s with praise rather than advisory notes. I have masses of documentation including a recent Type 2 Detectives full health check (most points have been acted on).

    1973 - so Tax free and MOT free if you want to apply for it.

    Price: £22,450

    There have been three major refurbs and attention whenever it has needed it. Much work doen by Type2 Detectives and Zed's bus garage. I clean down and hammersite underneath every couple of years and it has paid off to keep the van solid and in good repair. It has recently been resprayed. Although it didn't need it I just couldn't sell with some cosmetic blemishes. Some of the photos are before and after.

    • 2 Litre Type 4 engine
    • Twin webers - small bore as I wanted reliability over the old Solex and not performance.
    • Recent complete brake system - discs, drums, cylinders and pipes.
    • Steering box, track rods and bushes refurb.
    • Fuel pipes replaced to latest standard.
    • Oil Temperature guauge
    • Bilstein shocks all round have improved ride considerably
    • Lowered just a little.
    • New battery
    • Porsche replica wheels
    • Empi Quick shifter
    • JBL Amp
    • The original, classic Westfalia trim - it is incredibly durable.
    • Huge full width rock and roll bed - the best place in the world to be.
    • Full width roof bed fits two children snugly
    • Cab bunk if you have even more children (up to 10 yrs old)
    • I have the fridge and kitchen sink unit - but prefer the extra space without.
    • Roof canvas is ageing, but I prefer the original jaffa to a magnolia replacement.
    • Recent Vango Air tent awning will come with the bus
    This bus has been garaged for the last 12 years. I have always attended to everything that the bus has needed. However it is a 47 year old vehicle so you will need to understand that it is a case of continual maintenance and improvement.

    Owning this bus has been a wonderful experience and the VW camper world is a joy to be part of. I will miss the cheery waves from other drivers and admiring glances from pedestrians.

    PXL_20210602_173324670.jpg PXL_20210602_173416901.jpg PXL_20210602_173837528.jpg IMG_20200609_181343.jpg IMG_20170619_191839.jpg IMG_20170901_131021.jpg IMG_20170902_175536.jpg PXL_20210603_162715065.jpg PXL_20210603_162715065.jpg

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  2. Zed


    I can certainly vouch for Ian, what he says about his bus and his attitude towards it. Our kids, now in their 30's, grew up camping together and we bought our first bus after being washed out in a tent, looking enviously in at 3 warm dry happy kids stashed here and there and two warm dry happy parents!

    It had a cogbox gearbox too and drives really well.

    The end of an era that I've also been dragging out against all common sense. :)

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  3. Looks a really nice well maintained bus. A credit to you :thumbsup: Sensibly priced as well.
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  4. This bus is now sold.
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  5. Must have been a bit of a wrench. Commiserations but onwards…
  6. bernjb56

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    Thread title amended :hattip:
  7. Zed


    Wow - truly an end of an era for me as well as Ian to see this sold.
    Damn, where did the time go?
    It's probably time I got realistic and parted with mine too.

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