FOR SALE SOLD 1971 LHD, tintop, Stockport £8750

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by toms, Dec 3, 2015.

  1. Morning,

    Is this Van still for sale? If so can you confirm the current price and also send me the link to the images as I can only see x2 of them in this post.

  2. Boom
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  3. I can see the pictures. Looks a nice bus - GLWTS.
  4. I can see x2 images, but no more. Are you able to send me all the images you have and pass your contact details on? Gareth
  5. I have seen this bus and spoken with the owner as it is only round the corner from me. It is a nice bus and if anyone needs a local person just let me know - I will be glad to help
  6. any chance of some contact details for the owner?
  7. Sorry I've not replied, usually get an email if there is a response. pm sent Gareth
  8. Hello, thanks for that :)
  9. Still for sale
  10. Bump.....
  11. just gone for MOT, today

    Brakes sorted, passed MOT, no advisories
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  12. Be at Tatton..............
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    I can't see a mum always said if I kept that bad habit up I'd go blind...
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    It was £8750 I believe but it seems to have disappeared!
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    Unless the edit means it's exploded?
  17. Baysearcher

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    I did wonder!
  18. Hello people :)

    Yep £8750, was going to put the price up to cover the cost of the new MOT and brake service/overhaul, but forgot to add the new price.... So I'll keep it the same on here , but will be asking for a bit more at Tatton, also have the awning, bike rack and roof rack and whatever else is in the cellar for sale too
  19. Sold, tear in my eye, someone got a bargain
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    Well done :)
    I've edited the thread title.

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