Soft southern pudding

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  1. A batter snack...

    Cooked in tart dishes..:p

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  2. Now I can’t hit Like on that @art b
    I come from Kent and even I know what a Yorkshire Pudding is !!!

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  3. These have been in development ...;)
    and now include herbs, smoked paprika,
    garam masala....chopped fresh chillies..:)
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  4. Heat oil...


    Add infused batter...
    (Available from ocado..:p)


    Pop in t oven..


    Add to southern..
    liver,bacon n mushrooms...

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  5. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Moderator

    They eat liver raw and drink batter mix to wash it down oop norf
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  6. :D
  7. IMG_20211107_140301.jpg

    Tonight's batter mix...:p

    Fresh red chillies...erbs,
    garam masala...etc etc..

  8. Product development...;)


    Soft puddings are now available in 8"

    IMG_20211113_202057.jpg along with Nuremberg sausages
    Pan fried,
    peppers,onion,potatoes..and gravey
    and a large dollop of Dijon mustard..:p
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