So driving back today from darn sarfa

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  1. loaded up me roof rack on the car with ,yes, double mattress :D. Put in plastic bag incase of rain :thinking: and tied down with white rope very tight :eek:. Well whilst driving back the 80 odd miles , the last 30 or so I notice drivers keeping well back lol o_O. I had tied back down to the tow bar so as to keep it down tight and front with three straps round the rack and down tight . I thought what’s happened have people’s driving manners changed :eek:............. all was well on top and nothing moving sooooo . Drove up drive and got out then looked what’s this :D it was six feet of rope out the back of the car :D . After I tied too the tow bar I had six foot or so left over so I just doubled it up and tied back to the roof casual like :D . Well it had managed to undo its self :oops: and was trailing behind me :D . It came to me that because it was white rope and white mattress they were probably thinking shhh ite what’s holding that thing on soooooo were hedging their bets :D . So the moral of the story is if you don’t want people driving up your arrris when you have large objects on the roof, leaves trailing rope :D:D:Do_O
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  2. They were probably thinking if they drive onto the rope and undoing rope
    It would release said mattress Boff straight onto their bonnet/windscreen :)
  3. I’ve only put surfboards on the bus roof before but I do use my roof bars and bike rack on the car.
    Bought some timber and thick polystyrene 120x240 sheeting a few years back, gingerly roped it to the roof rack with the sheets sandwiched between the timbers joking with the bloke that I’d be driving very slowly as I wasn’t convinced it was a good idea.
    Half way home there was a pop followed by chunks of polystyrene and a blizzard of bits swirling in my rear view mirror creating a winter wonderland behind me...

    Fast forward to this summer and there I am roping up 2 6’x6’ fence panels to the roof rack. Drove very slowly home as it started lifting at 40mph
    Luckily it was a short journey.

    A couple of years back I drove into a car park and hadn’t noticed the galvanised grey steel 2m height bar that hadn’t been in position the last few times I’d been there.
    My bike didn’t survive unscathed.

    Wheel ‘Pringled’, disc hose cut.
    Bike rack a bit mangled too.

    I’m not to be trusted with a roof rack.
    I have a tow ball mounted bike rack for the bus. Much safer. Until I start reversing.

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  4. A man after my own heart :D I had a pine dresser on a few weeks ago:D Ilike the sandwich trick too ,I’ve done that with corrugated plastic roofing sheets :D
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  5. I lost an interior door of my brothers roof rack once, came off on the bypass round Ashford. Wayne was doing about 60 when it took flight. When questioned he said he forgot, what in the 1/2 mile since you left B & Q, oh how young and impetus we were.
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  6. Get yourself down lidi or Screwfix and by some cheep ratchet straps much safer and easier.

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