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  1. She's a was free spirit, and did her own thing (which had nothing to do with what the others were doing, it seems).

    Listen to that classic drum intro to Foot Foot. Even the hi-hat has a life of its own :thumbsup:

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    Shag till your shoes come off
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  3. Totally misunderstood, they were in the Frank Zappa mould. In fact I think Frank once opened for them :hattip:
  4. I am glad they haven't wasted the last 50 years learning music.
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  5. If you look on another reverb ad (two of them for sale!) the bloke plays them in a vid. Doesn't actually sound bad.

    Could never play as well as Dot, tho'
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    Do you think we could adopt them as the official TLB band
  8. Will you be doing a bit of Country and Western?
  9. Yes. My “chickin pickin” is coming along a treat :thumbsup:
  10. Have you bought a spangly shirt?
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  11. I was gonna just ‘like ‘ this but I didn’t want you to go and spontaneously combust or anything like that. If you’d be very kind, could you save it until we run out of matches somewhere like Techenders or indeed this weekend if you’re in a hurry at the Aircooled only fandango at Sunnier than sunny Banbury (Warmington) :)
    So quick re cap,
    NO spontaneously combusting without asking at least ten campers if they’re out of matches thank you :hattip:

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,, Unless you really really want to :);):)
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  12. There usually is one or two of them types of singers down at that there Weston.

    Ozziedog,,,,,,, OK, I’m just looking for me coat ! No need to get assy or fronty :);):)
  13. I found out about this too late. My dash is mostly in bits while I fix wiring and replace heater cables, so I won't be going anywhere this weekend. Shame as I'm spending way too much time around these Late bay'ers (nice crowd though they are:thumbsup:) - and I could really do with some Early action :p
  14. Seems that my last post went a tad over their heads here at the LatelyBay.
    All sold out apparently but still some day slots may be available for Sundays show and shine but still all Aircooled. So any of the Latey gang or if you can wang your wires back together and have a test run , just to get out and into the new norm.

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,, getting them Stellas chilled down right now :)
  15. Eh?
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