Slough swap meet- Nov 1st. 2015

Discussion in 'Shows Events' started by SCOO-BAY-BLUE, Oct 25, 2015.

  1. Hi, anyone else planning to go. !

  2. I might pop down, only a quick burn down the m40 for me.
  3. If I'm down in time I might swing by on way to parents.
  4. We are going, one piece of advice for you is to buy advance tickets as the difference last year was about 5 minutes to get in with one, and 45 minutes without...
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  5. Advance tickets?!?!?

    Last time I went I queued for about 5/10 mins and paid a couple of quid on the door!!

    How much is it now? Anybody know?
  6. £5.00 on door £4.00 +50p booking fee in advance.
    ill book a ticket then !
  7. Been once paid on the door no waiting. Got in and left within 30 minutes. It was crap and wouldn't bother wasting my time going again.
  8. davidoft

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    I'm going, Been loads a times always come back with a van load of bargains , gotta be up there early though.
  9. Well ive bought my ticket we will see how good or bad it is.
    its only 30 mins away.
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