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  1. Does anyone know if there is any special fettling required to fit a VW Brazil sliding door to my 77Westy LHD or is it just a straight swap with all the holes in the right place? Do they fit okay? Quality etc?
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    I've fitted a few and they all fitted perfectly, quality is very good, maybe not quite as good as a genuine door, minor things, a little sanding fixed,but same thickness steel no modifications needed to fit, no fettling

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  3. Great. I was offered one and given the price quoted for some of the import "pre-owned" doors it seemed like good value. Also looks like they are out there new, unlike the cab doors.
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  4. Make sure you give it a good dose of cavity wax and it will last for many years:thumbsup:
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  5. Yes good point. Need to review the current state of my rust prevention measures.
  6. If your going to be fitting sound deadening pads like silent coat,dynamat etc do it before you cavity wax otherwise you will have trouble getting it to adhere
    Its well worth doing on a sliding door as it changes the noise when you shut it to a dull thud
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  7. Good tip there

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