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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by martinsbus, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. Silly question I'm sure, but how many handles should there be on the inside of the sliding door?
    I only ask as I have just seen a photo where a sliding door had an additional fixed handle at the rear of the door. I presume to make it easier to close the door?

    Is this standard??

  2. As standard there is one handle. Some people have fitted a second at the rear of the door, as you say to help close the door without slamming
  3. Some come with 2 it depends on the year & model. ;)
  4. funny i just saw the same thing and was wondering exactly the same.

    does it twist as well? or is it just a horizontal one to help close the door?
  5. This sounds like a good idea, might look into this as it's a right arse to close mine from inside what with my sink cupboard in the way.
  7. VW heritage have handles in their catalogue. I have a bracket in mine so I guess I should get a handle and stick it on!!
  10. Only trouble is, they break quite easily I'm now on my second in 3 years. :)
  11. They are quite nice to have. You can quietly slide the door as far as it will go, then just give the rear handle a good tug and it shuts quietly. (provided you keep your door maintained)
  13. Where are you getting yours, China? Try The one I bought from them is identical to the original in looks as well as quality.
    All that aside, why don't they just just make them metal like the exterior handles? ::)
    Here's an idea- Just fashion a leather strap from an old belt and run it through with the handle bolt and a washer. Or one could use a short length of rope or chain. Make a loop of rubber garden hose. Whatever works with your interior.
  14. I'd suggest that if you're using repro handles, they're going to snap off. Mine's an original, and hasn't come off in my hand yet.

    The strap idea is a good 'un as well...just need something to give the door a final pull in.

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