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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Spiderwebber, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. So not been on for a while but I think it's time for an overhaul. Kyttrin is in need of a de-rust so while I was on it I thought about slamming her.
    Now my question is, do I have to cut her up and tub her arches, which I don't want to do, to fit an Air Ride?
  2. Stock height is the new slammed...
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  3. Think there was an air ride for sale on here recently. ;)
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    Saw one down the tip at the weekend I think?!

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  5. and over on thesamba raising the bus is popular!
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  6. ^this. Don’t do it.
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  7. You will need tubbing - even at 4 inches lowered , wheels will be running on the arches on bumps.

    If you feel like you want to spend all your time driving watching out for tell-tale oil stains and scrapes on the road, swerving to miss them like a loony or suddenly whacking on the brakes, driving long sections at 20mph , then go ahead and slam it.

    And being stopped by German, Austrian police and told to take that illegal (no ground clearance) trash out of their country or have it impounded, go ahead.

    You could have got an air ride front beam at Newbury, and there were air shocks for a less effective lift.
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  8. How low does yours sit, Mike? It's still very usable, right?
  9. Mine is 3 inches lowered, just cut and twist down 4 inches then coilovers to go up one inch.
    At that level, the wheels will just rub if I hit a bump hard at 40mph. I can go over most speed bumps at 20mph. The rear is lifted a tiny fraction more to avoid some nastier speed bumps where the exhaust just catches.
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  10. do a google image search on "french slammer". lots of low bays for you to look at. generally folks who fit this kit don't need tubs or notches but still get pretty low, static not air ride.

    i have this setup but mine's lowered but not slammed, nice ride, no rubs.
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