Skippy - RHD 1979 Devon - Holdsworth pop top - 2 litre type 4 engine.

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  1. This is Skippy. We bought her 2 years ago. She’s a RHD 1979 Devon who the previous owner bought as a garage find. Unusually (for a RHD) she’s rock solid underneath. We had type 2 detectives look at her last summer and they were amazed at the good overall structural condition. She’s showing some rust in the usual places (all the doors, wheel arches, corners and front) and the window seals are all grotty. The roof is also very tatty and probably needs replacing but it’s an unusual type (a Holdsworth I’m told) and I can’t find spare parts. I think the interior is bespoke but old and tatty. It doesn’t seem to match origin spec Devon although is pretty close in design. I think the buddy seat might be original. My plan is to get the bodywork sorted (81a vdubs in Southport are giving me a quote) first and then the roof (? or and then think about the interior. Not sure what order to do things in. Don’t want showroom condition but just rust free, mechanically sound and comfy to camp in. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Lovely. Great conversion. The interior is original btw. And a very practical layout. Simple and functional! My favourite bit is the cutlery, utencil storage over the fridge. the used to have a electrolux 2 way fridge where your cooler is. Only issue i vere had was the bed. Bit messy to erect so i replaced that with a rock and roll bed made to fit in the same space.

    Both my main buses had this layout but my current bus doesnt as i took it out as i needed a full width bed. That said what i replaced it with is very similar and i used parts of it to make this one. Look familiar!,
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  3. Ah thanks. So it is original interior. That’s nice to know. I’ve since replaced the fridge with a new vitifrigo compressor fridge which is great. It must have originally had an Electrolux as the old gas pipes are still there and the outside vent is Electrolux. It has a rock n roll bed but it’s very narrow. Thinking of replacing the interior with something like this so we can have a wider bed[​IMG]

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  4. I do like those interiors to be honest. Not seen one in the flesh but look very practical. Which worktops and table do you have? Mine are the beigy brown ones like a textile hessian thing going on?
  5. Snap!

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  6. image.jpg
  7. They’re fairly similar units aren’t they. Mine are the Formica type magnolia worktops. The cutlery drawer works ok but is pretty tatty. The other units are in pretty good condition. I don’t have a table unfortunately. Do you have an old gas fridge plumbed in ? [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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    Looks very tidy :) I like the SJS interiors. Particularly with a full width bed and some cupboards too. I bought a second hand interior once but swapped vans before I could use it so resold it. It looked v good quality.

    Nice to see your bromance is going well @Steve101 and @Dicky :)
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  9. Yes I’ve heard good stuff about SJS too. I’m tempted but it will be a difficult decision to rip out the original interior. Tough choice to make.
    Dicky seems like a splendid fellow. Excellent taste in bus interiors

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  10. Apart from the tops mine were exactly the same.. Bit basic but robust and practical!
  11. I have a table btw but in my formica! on a quick note if you have the floor socket for the table then it will probably be in around the right place for the interior your looking at but check. If theres no hole in the floor then consider options. If there is one - then why cut another!

    What you incinerating Ms Cat person?
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    Oh I’m really sorry guys but, THIS is Skippy. A rhd from Australia.[​IMG]

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  14. There is no hole in the floor unless it’s under the Lino and filled over, but I don’t want to take it up to find out ..... just yet.

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  15. Oh cool. She has a sibling !!!

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