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  1. If you like getting your funk on check out Scotty's DJ set, the guys a loon and if he gets on the dance floor you better clear a space.I went to the first jamboree at this site and it is a great place, It chucked it down all weekend but the crowd were great and I made some good friends there.
  2. Apparently sposed to rain later tonight but ok tomorrow and Sunday :thumbsup:
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  3. Well we are all loaded up and ready to go, just waiting for Mrs pkrboo to get back from dropping the eldest off for his holiday!!
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  4. Packed and ready to go too.....just have to wait around for another 3 1/2 hours.....Jono, I think we will be tucked away next to the trees surrounded by T25's but if you see us pop over for a beer!
    Fridge and coolbox full of cold refreshing beer.....and I'm not going to taste one until about 9 tonight by the look of things....need to find the wife a new job!

  5. I think shed probably prefer some dinner... Strange ritual![/QUOTE]
    She's an adaptable girl, and often eats a light meal during the 'ritual' to save time.....bless her.
  6. Many thanks, no idea where we'll end up but normally somewhere near the family bit. See you tomorrow all being well.
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  7. Well we finally got there after a 8hour slog down the A1 and A17... Had a cracking weekend of it though.. Didn't realise anyone was there else I'd have tried to make contact...corking one though, very relaxed...just done ice cre am and had the jolly fisherman picture the crawl back north!



  8. Just got back from Skeg. Great motors. Is this one yours?
  9. Sadly not @Jono1249 the rear action was a lovely splity I liked on Saturday and the exhaust was of the fire truck drag racer...amazing engine...

    Hope you had a good one, show was amazing for us... How good was the band last night! Loved when they did foxy lady (would have been our wedding song if I had the final say;) )

    Picked this up while I was there... Kinda felt right for the bus

  10. Great weekend and i'll put some photos up in the next couple of days.
    I thought that the group, Comanche, were brilliant. I've seen loads of bands and I really likes this lot.
    PS. Nice knob!
  11. Very rude of me but forgot to mention that met @The Bobdogs . Nice to meet you and the better half and hopefully see you again soon.

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