WANTED Single cab, t2 or t25

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  1. hi I have decided new vans aren't worth the hassle and expense so going to go old school and looking for a single cab pick up
    Don't mind age or mechanical condition
    Prefer not too much rust but open minded,
    As for musts
    RHD only
    Will travel anywhere for right vehicle even abroad !!!!
    Would consider splitty,t25 or even a t25 synchro
    Any help would be appreciated
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  2. Don't suppose a double cab 79 bay tickles your dubstick then?
  3. Maybe !!!
    Message me with what you got
  4. Could you chuck me an email address, it'll be easier to do pics if poss. Ta!
  5. Loftsltd@gmail.com
  6. Possibly selling this..

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  7. how much rust?:D
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  8. Try me, depends on price
  9. nice but price please
  10. Looking for around 9.5k
  11. Ouch lol
    Was looking for a more stock model and as such I would be returning yours to stock ride, it is going to be a builders truck
    Thanks anyway
  12. I dont think you'll find a RHD single cab in decent nick for much less than 8 or so. for some reason they seem to have gone skywards the last couple of years.
  13. No problem am patient thanks
  14. Ah if you're looking for builders van than mine ain't it. The conversion I've done on the rear would not lend itself to bags of cement and shovels. Twas worth mentioning but no point in mailing you pics now I don't think. Good luck with the chase!
  15. Cool no prob
  16. RHD pickups are rare.. even a late single lhd you'd be looking at £8k . Obviously RHD fetch a premium.
    I have all the stock suspension at home so going to stock would be easy. £8k would be stock price.
  17. Thanks will think about it and give the ad a bit longer to run
  18. Good luck then
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