WANTED Single cab pick up

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Flanker, Mar 10, 2015.

  1. Still in the market for a single cab pick up. Will now consider a LHD but must be ready to go!!
  2. I have a 78 in nice shape. hard wood paneled bed, interior is done. no rot. mechanically very good.

    Not sure on your budget?

    I've only just kinda got the idea of possibly selling, so early days for me.
  3. IMG_20140724_105042.jpg
    Located in Essex...
  4. Nice..RHD?
    My be a little to nice for a working van.
    What kind of money are you looking at?
  5. If I'm honest I've found it a little hard to price as there's not too many about. I've seen one locally last year at £11500. That's strong tho I think, although he did sell it.

    I think I'd price it at £10k.
  6. rickyrooo1

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    it's rhd you can see the wheel and the double seat is on the left side.
  7. Yeah sorry it is rhd

    From Leigh on sea
  8. Including the straw?

    Nice pickup btw
  9. Sounds a reasonal price...Our budget is around £6k though.
  10. Honky

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    I think Ginger's VW have one for sale but I'm not 100%.
  11. can do you a ratlook 73 crewcab for £7000 with a new mot

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  12. Something special just happened in my pants
  13. Sorry...need the single cab for loading space.
  14. Thanks Honkey but no luck with gIngers Vw so still looking!!
  15. Still looking

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