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  1. I am currently prepping my window apertures for paint following extensive repairs and I am told there are 2 types of window rubbers available one for the bus and one for van con versions. I am guessing the difference is in the width of the outer groove which will fit to either 1 or 2 thicknesses of metal? Is that the case? I would really like to see a x section of both so I can decide what might be best as my aperture edges do vary a bit in thickness due to the repair schemes.
    Also grateful for any tips on other differences and lubrication/sealant products to aid assembly. Thanks in anticipation LB experts.
  2. 1 is factory fitted micro bus rubbers the other is panel van conversion rubbers h shaped ,
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    They are completely different seals. If your van has factory fitted windows, IE, recessed, then you can only fit factory type seals. If your aperture is flat, you have to use the conversion seals, which is just a generic rubber seal that is used on boats, caravans etc (and are a pain to fit)

    Don't use lubricant when fitting, just go in dry.
  4. Many thanks Dubs and Shielsy, I will go for the H type and indeed these are what was previously fitted. I note that there is a choice of plain rubber and chrome for the insert and presume that they are meant to go on the outside. Nice if the chrome is for show, but I wonder if fitting plain rubber inserts, from a security point of view, is it better to have them on the inside?
    Grateful for any further advice.

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