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  1. Hi all. I was wondering what the requirements are if you have side indicator repeaters (amber). Do the have to work if they are present?
    You might correctly surmise that that mine aren't working!
    Thanks as ever.
  2. The ones on the cab doors are simply reflectors but a few on here have converted them to indicate.

    Or have you got them on the door pillers?
  3. If they are fitted, they must work.
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  4. It is a USofA 78 import with indicators in the doors...did not know about reflector option...will check out. However, if they are there as Soggz says, I guess they have to work?

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  5. They are reflectors not indicators, those don’t have to work; our westy and lots of other US buses have the same.

    The rear red lenses had bulbs in them, they should light up as marker lights with your lights switched on.

    Some Dutch / Italian / Swedish buses had indicators in the door pillers in the form of little bullet lenses.
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  6. Yes, obviously, reflectors ‘reflect’.
    But if a light is fitted, it must work.
  7. It’s only the rear ones which should work, the base has a bulb housing. Up front it’s a plain piece of plastic, no bulb holders, nothing.

    As I said earlier, it’s not factory, any which do light up will be done by the owner or PO.
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  8. ^as above., The ones on the front doors are just reflectors.
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  9. But any vehicle that
    Brazzers have them standard, my air cooled are cheapo LED ones, but my Wasser has them off a 1980's Astra. Point being as Soggz says - if fitted, they must work when MOT'd.
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  10. If you search enough on the .gov website you can find the rules about placement of lights and reflectors.

    I did a search because I was wondering for a while about fitting some digital LED strips somehow to the bottom edge of the sills. So that legally they created amber or red side markers in 'running' mode
    and did crazy light shows in 'camping' or 'cruising' modes.

    Just feel pity for the guys who have LED marker lights built into the coachwork on their big white camper boxes, which fail because they do, and they have to strip out huge chunks of the interior to replace them, or they fail the MOT because they have lights fitted which should work which dont work.
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  11. Us imported buses DO NOT have indicators in t the front doors they are an Amber reflector only.

    I will say it again the front Amber lens on the front doors of a us import bus is not an indicator.

    US market buses had them due to them being a "commercial" vehicle I believe.

    Look at an e arly bay and they have round reflectors on the front arch and a rear red sidelight that is a light.

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  12. I’m down with that ‘led sill light’, idea!
  13. Halfords sell LED windscreen washers :thumbsup:
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  14. I'm not sure if I fully got you there, could you be a bit clearer:p;)
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  15. My van came with pulsing LED tube lights under both sides and across the front and rear ends, via some controller connected to the Alpine head unit and CD shuttle. I never saw them working as I stripped it all out before family and friends noticed it all. I've still got them though if anyone wants to recreate their own Bridgwater carnival float.
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  16. My early had plain round reflectors front and rear. No lights.
  17. Merlin Cat

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    Mine has O.range reflectors front sides and Reddish lights rear sides. It’s a 78 US bus. :)
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  18. No yours had Moss Greenish lights ;)
  19. Did you grow the reddishes yourself?

    (See what I did there :)?)
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  20. Merlin Cat

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    hm, they were quite grubby weren’t they :oops:

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