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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Little Nellie, Jan 9, 2020.

  1. 8004A026-317F-4E06-872E-512E14CF1CCE.jpeg FEC83880-AA84-4BA0-96DF-296AF1CF0658.jpeg Hi, couple of questions on the sliding one.
    Is the top ‘roller’ supposed to rotate or just guide? Mine does not rotate. See pic

    It’s also a real pain to pull closed at the rear end - so grabbing the rear end of the door from inside and pulling it inwards. I think I can see a couple of issues here. You can feel a significant collision as you pull it home. A part of the middle hinge attached to the door appears to be colliding with the metal protrusion stop fixed to the van. In photos 2 and 3 you can see the collision and the wear effect. Any ideas on what to adjust here?

    Third observation is the trailing part of the sliding hinge has an Allen bolt and you can see it appears to be adjusted to afford play. Don’t understand this. Does it just need tightening?

    Apologies it’s scrambled my photo order! But basically, top runner, collision point and trailing Allen bolt are the issues


    87726869-0D25-4DF3-9C96-AAEC2F1BA2C2.jpeg 1B18C65E-C65A-48FB-A33E-695C36AE3AA6.png
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    in the first picture the fixing screw has come undone, remove the track cover, tighten it back up, this may fix most or all of your issues, lubricate all the moving parts too, where are you based ?
  3. Cheers will do this! I’m up in the North, Stockton on Tees
  4. If you are careful you can remove the three big screws on the top roller bracket and take it off. Prop up the top of the door so it doesnt fall out.
    Then you can remove the gunged up grease from the top roller and re-grease. Mine was originally locked in place by old grease.

    As @davidoft says, the bolt holding the plastic slider on the rear track is loose. Remove cover plate, and while you are at it look at the wheel that runs on the track. Check it rotates and has not been chewed away by running at an angle. Hope it has not because the aftermarket replacement is junk - wrong materials, wrong design. I managed to squeeze in 5 more ball bearings into the new wheel assembly as there were so few the door was crunching up and down on the gaps between the bearings as it rolled . yuk.

    Double check all the parts of locking assembly associated with that roller - that they are all there and havent been smashed off after having the door slammed with the mechanism out of sync.
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  5. Ok great, so it is supposed to rotate, thought it had to. Some fun for me on the weekend. Cheers!
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  6. Hi, freed up the top roller, and tightened up the rear follower. Lubricated everything. Door seems to pull closed a bit more surely now.
    Still collides with that buffer pin though. I’m guessing its not supposed to? I assume its supposed to miss it entirely. If so it looks like my sliding door needs to be further forward to avoid the pin.
    Anyone any ideas?
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    Either the cam is broken, one of the latches have broken or they’re seized up, pull the complete hinge off to check it all works
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  8. Cheers, I’ll take it apart over the next couple of weekends
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  9. 0D88E459-7DFC-43B2-91D0-A1428F918FF1.png Hi, just been stewing over some web pictures. It appears that my kickout door hinge has a much bigger (taller) spring hook rear than the new ones advertised at JK and VW Heritage, so mine is that big that it actually cups over the spring housing body. The Jk and VW Heritage and the guide examples do not cup over the spring housing.
    If I fitted these ones with smaller spring hook rear I’m pretty sure the door stop would not collide on closing.

    Could it be the case that someone has fitted the wrong one in the past?

    See pics - one just above and one just below this text

  10. Think I might have sussed it! I think my spring retainer may have been retro fitted and they have used one that has a chunky body that cups outside of the spring housing.

    I think I need the part below. This does not take as much space up and will not impinge on my door stop. So should solve my issue.

    Please can any confirm if they agree this is the way forward. I’d rather attempt to purchase one of these than the £160 full hinge and roller


  11. C094E72C-43AB-4F24-86E9-9B6ECE8B8B70.png 48D97E1B-0FCE-4F06-99CE-53EAA5992730.png
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