Shower needed!

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  1. Hi folks

    Any recommendations for simple showers please - either solar ones or those pumps with a shower head you fix to a water container ? Many thanks
  2. I've got one of the £9 solar ones. We only use it for finding fret etc after the beach. It holds 20litres. I just put it on the front westy luggage rack to heat while on the beach. It actually gets too hot for the kids if we are there all day. Don't know what you would need to hang it off as it weighs 20kg when full...
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  3. Be careful with the black bag solar showers they can get scolding hot.
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    I wondered what that smell was.....
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  5. We use a Hozelock pump up camping shower that costs about £20. Very similar to garden sprayer but with a small shower head. Warm up some water first before pouring into sprayer and this gives quite a good shower for a about 4 minutes. Brilliant item for wild camping or festivals, we always take this with us and use in a pop up toilet tent. Can also be used for washing the dog at home!
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  7. Comes with a carry bag. You submerse the pump and then switch it on. Not sure it would work with a solar bag unless you used solar to heat the water and then poured into a bucket for the pump.
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    Thanks. :). It’s fairly hypothetical as I’m a grubber, however sarah and my other festival friends aren’t!! X
  9. 2 days I can manage, the 3rd I feel uncomfortable and by the 4th I’m desperate for a shower. We got this for when we do ‘off grid’ camping
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    Wet wipes, the cheap alternative for lazy gruybers :)

    I do appreciate a shower when I’m back home tho!
  11. a 10 litre water container, take the top off and tip over your head.
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