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  1. Well done , I missed it on tv today .:thumbsup:
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  2. it s true owners and theirs dogs look alike
  3. I don't think I look like a Poodle. Not enough hair to start with!
  4. watched crufts to day and it was brill standard of the dogs was unreal , loved the dogs relying with balls , i love danes my self ,poodles a very smart breed i like your standard poodles pics049.jpg
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  5. Sadly, there were no Poodles shortlisted in the Utility line up.
    Could this be because the judge, Jackie Kitchener is a well known Poodle breeder and didn't want anyone else's Poodle to do well at Crufts? (Judges aren't allowed to enter their own dogs)
  6. IMG_7759.JPG IMG_0721.JPG Milo on his travels, o_O
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  7. Terrordales

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    Miss Tilly, 18 years old. 12 years as a working sheepdog and now in retirement

  8. Flat coated retrievers George (8 months old) on the left , Alfie (7 years) on the right.
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    So I lost* my Sharpei a couple of years ago....notable for variously wanting to kill all dogs, most recently @Robo’s yorkie at Techenders.

    As we recently moved more rural, I needed a different dog, bit more trainable as we are surrounded by sheep farms.

    This is Indy.


    She’s 14 weeks and is already nearly as heavy as my Sharpei.

    Do not be fooled by the innocent look....this is our first day with her and I’d forgotten what having a puppy is like.

    Bloody terrorist. :)

    She farted earlier and all I could think about was the Hindenburg newsreel.....oh the could strip wallpaper.

    * lost as in she passed on, not lost as in left at the pub.
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  11. George has taken to the new van, even if it is an Err Lee Bay, sorry!
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