Show us your club clothing?

Discussion in 'Club Merchandise' started by hailfrank, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Diddymen

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    Heres the entry for the SMG contingent.........



    Im really pleased with it, the roof, door an a few details are in silver. I was expecting them to be white but I think the silver looks great :D
  2. dean_butler

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  3. mine arrived last week i've just been too busy to get rob to take a photo. am very happy and relieved it is a good colour.
  4. dean_butler

    dean_butler TLB Design Guru

  5. yeah i know just really busy not even tried it on yet just reminded rob to do it tomorrow
  6. this is a medium

    - just realised i am only slightly taller than a light switch.
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  7. dean_butler

    dean_butler TLB Design Guru

  8. dean_butler

    dean_butler TLB Design Guru

  9. I too am a member of the elite club now.!!!!

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  10. So how do I get one? Can only find one link and that doesnt seem to work.
  11. upload_2018-7-29_13-52-12.jpeg
    New shirt. Old van.
  12. Poptop2

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    Show us your club clothing
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  13. This is what @crossy2112 wears when he goes out on a Friday night to the club!
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  14. Told you before about your jealousy :rolleyes:

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