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  1. Show us the one photo that captures the high point of your VW experience last year.....bonus points given for feel good sunshine photos!

    Here's mine, this one image captures all that makes it worth the foibles.....

  2. My eldest taking an interest ! IMG_4369.JPG

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  3. potty hat.jpg

    This was taken at Skegvegas last year....had a great weekend at the show, the little angel on my knee is my pal Clive's daughter Ruby and the bucket on my head later became Fugly's other half's 'night time facility!' I just think this pic captures the spirit of our camping weekends.
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  4. Flakey

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    One of "the ones"
  5. Nice.....
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  6. 9 of the ones.....:oops:....sorry!

    Feb.. we didn't take this but its Dicky's bus, Big G and the local landlord's bus before we left for Dubfreeze

    March...Marge goes into storage :(

    ...April. Well April wouldn't be April without a load of blokes & gals hanging out , leaving an important part of their brains, somewhere in a field in Leicestershire..alright!

    ...May. Our own festival. Yay.

    ...June (we met our wonderful Greek friends through our VW travels, they visited this year)

    ...August. Our fave Lincolnshire bolt hole.

    ...Sept 1. Holiday hiccup. He just wanted a ride to Pembroke Dock lol.

    ..Sept 2 (normal service resumed).
    sept 1.jpg

    ...October. Heart transplant.

    I hope you all have a great 2017 xx
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  7. Camping at The Miners Standard, Winster with Lowie and his partner, Tina.

    Bacon & egg cobs at Clumber Park

    On display at Newark Air Museum

    Nine Ladies, Birchover

    Dent and Keswick

    Keiths cracking field in Swinbrook

    There is too much to list as we had a brilliant 2016!
  8. Sorry three from me...All on our Scottish holiday in June, mostly as I can up load the pictures easily:p
    All with Bobdogs...

    Chilling and planning the trip North at Mighty Dubfest Alnwick
    Off on a walk to my fav pub..The Clahaig Inn:thumbsup::burp:

    And a nice warming Talisker whiskey after a swim in the sea near Mallaig:eek:
  9. Little cotton caravan park. Happy memories was a lovely little camp site in Devon. Been going here for 20 years. Closed for housing development now. our last visit.last year.[​IMG] the mrs doing a bit of knitting.

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  10. Nice one babes. Another awesome year in our Chipster. @Cov1987 looks rather Jarvis-esqe don't you think? Bring on 2017 xx
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  11. All mine are related to probably the biggest gamble I have taken...

    Bus is picked up and starts the whole ball rolling in Jan

    Three months later in April, with many lessons learned about how to register a bus as a kombi, I took my first drive in OZ

    In May my two girls where re-united, this picture marks our first trip to the dog park

    April again, I took part in my first Oz VW Show....Dubs by the Abbey

    June, and this was our first camp in the bus..... Man and machine in perfect company....

    Many more, but all the firsts made last year special!
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  12. Sunshine, beer and bus. Perfect. [​IMG]

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  13. I spy

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  14. Bolting parts back on was the bus highlight of last year

  15. They are some very nice looking parts though :p
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  16. Ruffec, France Wild Camping 2016!!!!! IMG_1335.JPG
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