Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

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  1. The latest one I now have on my phone is from yesterday - the boy after his first 5k mud run!
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  2. traffic jam

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  3. jivedubbin

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    here's some more
  4. Type 1 rebuild, 74mm crank, Engle W120 cam, line bored, 200mm flywheel IMAG0204.jpg
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  5. Maldon town centre "camp site" last weekend. bargain £4 a night :)
  6. Although it looks a bit steep in the photo :lol:
  7. Did you get any salt it's nearly the best ...
  8. That looks more than 1 in 10 to me... my bus wouldn't cope!
  9. A professional was required to unscrew a bottle and fill it.

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  10. You didn't get him out of bed just for that, did you ;)?
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    First time I have seen zed' s garage. I have camped with him and travelled Wales with him and spoken too him many times on the phone,but never seen his garage.
  12. He really over did it with the sign writing
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  13. Nope, I stocked up on Maldon brewery products :D

    They have just opened a micro pub in the high street, very cosy; we spent most of the afternoon in there with some very friendly locals! Great time had by all :)
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  14. Got this from Erik's son last week,,way up north

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  15. Amazing
  16. Bloody hell! Where's that? I lived there for 20 years and don't recognise it!
  17. I've seen his garage more times than him! The bugger is never there. ;)
  18. A few more coats of paint and I can start on the next wall ImageUploadedByTapatalk1445342572.841201.jpg
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  19. Nice work!
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  20. Does he not live there ? :)
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