Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

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  1. Congratulations Malc, absolutely brilliant effort:hattip:
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    wow, life changing
    well done.
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  3. in Germany there were tax free small trailers in the 1950s/60s if they have only one wheel.
    Which will not fit to a normal hitch with one fixed point and need two points at the car to not fall over.
    Some curiosities could also be used as a small fishing boat.

    1955-1971, from company E. Stolz, Berlin, Amphibien Autoporter, Typ S 42:
    or find others at
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  6. I knew it! Whatever you do, don't wash your feet in hot water: they'll shrink, and you'll have tiny ones like those Japanese ladies.
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  7. as my first computer ATARI 800 with 180 kB floppy disk in 1981 and full 48 kB RAM ;) and two slots for games or software:

    somehow my start with Basic and Assembler programming to my Job today...
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    Let operation relax begin now pass me a cold beer


    some funny looking boats next door
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  9. Chemical burn mmmmm stingy
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    PXL_20230527_085648082.jpg Bishop Aucklands Border Wings Wing Ding about to set off on their "cruise " for the day
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    Come on you Hatters![​IMG]

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    Looks like a game of piggy in the middle with an engine being thrown from camper to camper. :D
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    Oooh! I shall look forward to viewing progress on Monday
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  15. What you up to now ??

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  16. Knowing Doug probably drinking
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    I have a couple of 12AU7 that will do for the ECC83.
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    Been shopping today. I'm now a bit skint.....

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  19. 12AX7s, please. An AU has similar gain to your Nan's pants.
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