Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Snotts Artex , do you live in the 1970s:p
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  2. What tires have you got on there? Fantastic sideways grip!
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  3. You have a bit of a lean going on.... :eek:
  4. there are a lot of cars....;)
  5. Good sound in there garage with that Marshall amp and speaker they have a jamming session at lunch time
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  6. Screenshot_2020-08-05 Martin Peart ( zebedee_vw) • Instagram photos and videos(1).png
    Screenshot_2020-08-05 Martin Peart ( zebedee_vw) • Instagram photos and videos.png
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  8. 1980s i think.
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  9. Empty beach this morning.
    2020-08-06 08.57.14.jpg
    2020-08-06 08.57.24.jpg
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  10. Playboy is from May 1980.
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  11. So i rarely check TLB at lunch at work cos I worry about people looking over my shoulder and critiquing my hobby.

    I did click today and this pops up on my screen in my predominantly female office!!!

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  12. Did something else pop up too ?
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  13. New solenoid, fresh fuel and burst straight into life.....well 2nd attempt...not bad after 8 years slumber.
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  14. Hay! That’s my mum

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  15. Tranquil evening here.
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  17. JamesLey

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    Barnaby enjoying a cool breeze through his beard.

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  18. I have a Razzle from the mid 80’s.
    I only keep it, as a girl from my year at school is in it!
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  19. My Angel is the Centrefold
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  20. Merlin Cat

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    Couple of foxes spent half hour in my garden last night :)

    87C2D374-A181-4282-8F32-F7239448ADED.jpeg FEAE8528-9F94-4312-834D-5C9E88D6821E.jpeg

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