Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

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  1. Took my mum out for a day trip to Bidford upon Avon yesterday. Sat her in the back and she was fine. Heather and Kim made an amazing picnic, including this cake. Found the last but one spot overlooking the river in the park. I must remember to take my kayak there next time.

    Had to kick the cat out just before we set off

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  2. Cake. :food:
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  3. 2020-07-11 22.19.35.jpg
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  4. A862C429-9D25-4C1A-B067-D2E38CCF2FE6.jpeg

    One of these is my ex mother in law, one is frank maloney after his gender swap....
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  5. The MOT tester decided to ensure I didn't leave any of my camper behind today - does he think I'm going to put them in a vase?

    *Failed on a bit of welding and a brake pipe.[​IMG]

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  7. I`m hoping you`ve been up in 2 seater spitfire :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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    cheers @Kkkaty , my brother took over from me Saturday and stayed until today and said dad was getting back to normal :) . When he felt ill again on Saturday he said he was all wobbly in his head :hug:
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  9. Did ya:p
  10. Haynes ... behave

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  11. Oh my blinking flipping hecky thumping no ......

    Frank Maloney though.....!
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  12. Its uncanny though....
  13. He took the pic just after his gas main exploded...
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  14. The sailing boat costs a maybe 3 thousand pounds a year to run including sailing club membership and mooring. However there are periodic major expenses that may be £3-£5k on a boat worth between 0 and £5k.
    About all that environmental rules restrict me is a few places go off limits and the antifouling paint gets less and less effective as it becomes mostly copper oxide.

    The camper costs about the same but its more useful, as a not very economical but flexible vehicle. Its worth considerably more than the boat, but I can see environmental constraints preventing me from using it as often as I can now. It too has major expenses every few years in the £2-£5k region too.

    So sadly as time goes on I will probably get rid of both.
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  15. Early wake up call in the rain this morning, home shower work, it's a hard life[​IMG]

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  16. David Bailey I am not :p
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    IMG_20200713_095451187_HDR.jpg IMG_20200713_095456833.jpg IMG_20200713_092216446.jpg I'll just leave these here
  18. Was he a fisherman?
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