Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

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  1. Circuit racing. Drag racing is for people who can't drive round corners. :p
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  2. Nearly got the engine bay of my 1:24 revell mk1 golf gti complete.
    2020-06-29 10.29.25.jpg
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  3. Like the battery!
  4. I’ve got a spare one here, will it fit?
  5. It might be a little too big. :thinking:
    Even the fanbelt has a part number on it. Spent a while fitting plug leads, battery cables, vacuum line from inlet manifold plenum and washer bottle hose. Alternator still needs its stripe and sticker fitting and theres a hose from the radiator top hose to the exansion tank i want to fit.
    2020-06-29 15.59.47.jpg
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  6. That's pretty accurate, it even has the rubbish bit of black plastic in the skuttle that goes brittle and blocks up with leaves then leaks into the footwells making you think the heater matrix is shot. ;)
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  7. My daughter’s pet snails mating- which can last up to 12 hours!!

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  8. C'mon!! 3-0 to the mighty Cobblers @art b
  9. Scratch that it's now 4!!
  10. Do they ‘sting’?
  11. No, they are just garden snails that my five year old took to. I have really taken to them now and contemplating buying a giant African snail!!
  12. IMG_20200629_215034.jpg

    A good night @philntfc ...:beer:
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  13. They have shrunk the Red Funnel Ferry.. 20200630_084226.jpg

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  14. more like SUNK
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